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HI Lisa - I think you are misunderstanding what Suboxone is used because your Doctor doesn't have a clue what he's doing - I'm sorry, that's how I feel!

Suboxone should not be prescribed for pain. It is prescribed when someone has become addicted to pain pills/methadone/heroin (basically - Opiates) and wants to stop taking the drugs they have become addicted to. The Doctor then instructs the patient to stop taking their drug of choice for 24 hours, then he gives them Subutex. Subutex is straight Buprenorphine. Suboxone is Subutex with an added ingrediant (Naxolone) that if someone tried to take a drug using an iv - that person would then go into immediate withdrawals.

Sub/Bup = VERY POWERFUL DRUG!!! My husband was taking 320 mg of Oxycontin daily for 5 years and the five years before a very high dose of Vicodin - he went on sub for 47 days and the sub worked really well for him. He started at 24 mg a day and tapered down to .12 mg and then stopped. It wasn't easy to taper once he got down to 3 mg but he did it. He's been off the sub for over a month and is drug-free and doing great....but the sub is so powerful that is knocks out any opiates that are currently on your brain receptors - it should never be prescribed to someone who is looking for pain relief!!!!!

I have read many, many horror stories from people who went on Sub to get off their DOC and stayed on sub too long, and went thru months of withdrawals - it is very very powerful. It is an opiate, but it's an opiate antagonist and an opiate agonist - which means that even though sub is an opiate you won't feel 'high' and if you took any opiates while on sub you wouldn't get high then either. That is why the sub is so effective in helping people get off opiates - it also really helps with cravings and it gives the person time away from their DOC in order to get over the mental addiction of taking the pain pills for the high. It mainly helps the person get off their DOC w/o the awful w/d's of cold turkey.

In your situation I agree with the other posts - you should be prescribed vicodin or something like that (try and stay AWAY from the Oxycontin - it takes control of you like no other pain pill!!!!) and as long as you take it as prescribed - don't 'up' your dosage you should be fine.

I hope I haven't come off too strong, but I can't believe your Doctor is prescribing you Suboxone for pain relief when you aren't even on any opiates for pain currently - it doesn't even really help much, if any, for pain-relief. I wish you the best and pray that you find a Doctor that is caring and really listens to you and knows what is best for you. RoyalSecret

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