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This is what I wrote last week about my experiences with the first night of withdrawls. Maybe it will help you deal with the symptoms a little better.

I went through my first night of real withdrawl last night (1/3/05) and let me tell you, it was literally a night from hell. I had no control over my body. I tossed and turned constantly. The RAM or restless arm movements were the worse. Constant feeling of muscle jerks and the feeling of having to move my arm (mainly the right arm only). I did pushups, wrapped hot towels around them, put ben gay on my arms just trying to find some relief. I remember looking in the bathroom mirror in the middle of the night and practically crying while saying, "This is terrible, terrible!" I have gone a couple of days without using in the past but this was the worst. It truly is a very hard drug to kick. I made it through the night and after that night, I despise that drug. It is a mother****er to me and I never want to do another one. I'm at work, feeling very sleepy. I took about a dose and a half of nyquil last night to try to help me sleep and I drank gatorade before I tried to go to bed because of the elecrolytes, knowing that I would have a rough one. But, I didn't expect the symptoms to come on so quick. In the past, I have usually slept a couple of hours and then am awakened by the RAM feelings and insomnia. Last night, it started as soon as I laid down. I am more determined than ever to kick this drug. I think the nights will get better and my cravings will die down. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to express them. Thanks.

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