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Hello PROWARD & conratulations re: "any positive step" in your effort to restore sanity, & say good-bye to oxycontin! I did not read what your pain symptoms result from, - perhaps it doesn't matter in terms of getting well. I too have CP, & I'm on a vicodin taper plan - 3rd day at step 2 -My "PLAN" Started the taper @ 65/70mg per day, have been reducing by 20% at regular intervals (each 5th day =s a 20% drop) - a "monitor" (she dispenses my pills every other day, as per sched.) it helps w/temptation & provides me w/"structure & positive feedback" - AA meetings, - a physical therapy plan, & this board for "collective positive energy" as somebody so perfectly stated it! - I am now @ 35mg per day, & so far I'm working the plan w/no thought of losing sight of the fact that "every recovery plan" is a moment to moment, lifelong process. You mentioned oxycontin, & that is one drug I've resisted from the start. Perhaps because it is "1 more trick in the bag" to an addict/abuser like me. My Dr. prescibed "oxycodone 5mg hcl" & "what a nightmare!" After ONE pill, I had difficulty breathing, my heart raced (up to 130 beats per min.!) I took the pills back, (not exactly my normal behavior pattern) because I was very, VERY scared! I learned I was having an allergic reaction! So "anything oxy" is very scarey Greek to me! Prow, those little "mini-runs, i.e. "a couple of hydrocodones" over the weekend, ALWAYS result in rebound pain & increased vicodin abuse for this addict. But, everybody is SO different! You ARE here posting, you are NOT snorting oxy, & I wish you all the best! Pl. stay on your plan, keep us posted, & KNOW that speedbumps can be avoided sometimes! I will be rooting for you. Den
Prow, Bluejulie5, Hi! -- What a great day! - 3 people doing well, "on track" & DETERMINED to not get derailed! Prow, you actually "just said NO?" OUTSTANDING!! As bluejulie5 stated, we are "SO different!" We have a common problem, "addiction/abuse" with extremely different methods of "working" on recovery. We ARE individuals, and if I allowed a negative, "Den, taper plans just don't work" mindset - (this is my 1st attempt at a taper plan) to influence my thinking, I would STILL be @ 70mg of vicodin per day. At this moment, I am @ 35mg per day & gratefully, cautiously working my plan. I know w/100% certainty that the test lasts forever, & 2nd chances are allowed until we quit asking for them. Without question, it is (1 day at a time) & today, RIGHT NOW, we are here trying! Isn't that just a little bit of a miracle! Back to work, 1-800mg Ibuprofen because my back hates the rain, and my next scheduled pain pill is simply not an option. For ourselves, our families, for whatever motivates any person to make necessary changes, we are at a very good place. Hang tough you guys! Den
PROWARD, - I know that stupid feeling re: taking "just 1" whatever it may be, very, VERY well! Hey Prow, you have come so far, so quickly, - seems like a waste of your positive energy (growing w/every post!) to beat yourself up about last weekend. Hey, if I had 1-10mg vicodin for every slip up, I'd open "Dengreen's Pharmacy!" A rather limited supply of merchandise, "vicodin, Marlboro Lights & bottled water." You sound strong, committed, and very honest! I'm feeling minor wd symptoms, but nothing I can't handle! Wed. is step 3. - from 35mg per day to 25mg & there is no fear! C/T always kicked my butt, & this taper plan was well thought out. I'm using memories of C/T attempts as one more reason to believe in the plan! A BIG win today!! I found 3-10mg Norco's in an otherwise empty Ibuprofen bottle in my old "drug drawer" - (a locking drawer w/pers. papers, photos etc.) I have NO CLUE when I put them there - I thought I had turned EVERYTHING over to my monitor. Oh yeah, - I considered "a secret mini-buzz" for a few minutes, - & then I just started laughing! 52 years old, a Dad, appointments to keep, & I'm sitting there contemplating a "secret buzz?" Temptation gave way to the plan, the promise, the progress, and I took the 3 "surprises" to my monitor's house. Prow, I actually remembered congratulating you for "just saying no today!" Exactly why I joined this board! The collective positive energy here is so strong! Stay strong! - Den

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