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Hello Mike! TY for your taper exp. info. Hopefully, somebody will find a tip or 2 in your post. 1 size does not fit all, & your exp. is proof positive! The bottom line: Get where you want to get (off drugs) in a manner that works for YOU! You DID taper Mike, w/less structure & maybe no chronic pain issues, but yep, you slowly (quick in "tapertime") got to a point where quitting was feasible. Outstanding!! I include "structure" in my plan because I was yoyoing like crazy! 45mg for a few days - then 100mg, & hey, I NEEDED to know where I was at in terms of how much Vicodin worked on pain, - & obviously, how much was pure buzz-chasing. Some of us have pain, some don't - point is, if you're taking hydro. to get high, you're heading towards bigger doses. To me, that 1st "1 extra because this feels good" is a great time to stop, or, in the case of CP users, get back on your presrcibed dose - Right Now!! Your exp. has a great ending, & THAT is what people who are
thinking about a taper plan need to know. Sounds like the "recreational, with a brewskie scenario & then......uh oh! - caught your atten: & that is awareness. My 10 day "hang time" leveled me out, & this taper plan is very doable! Thanks Mike, and "s...- no way, 2 MORE hours before my nothing 5mg dose?" Hey, whatever works! It works for me - so far, so good! Best wishes, Den

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