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Hello! (Update) - re: "Taper off Vicodin Tip, Before You Get Started!" see 1st post, this thread.
"Personal Progress & More Tips!"

"Fail to plan, - plan to fail!"

From 65/70mg per day (inc. "runs" of 2-3 days @ 100mg per day) 1-1/2 years of that! - to 1-5mg pill 3xs per day, & holding. "It ain't easy, but..........!!! Once again, "so far-so good!"

Bottom line: I have reduced my dose because "I planned to!" And oh yeah, I am aware that my battle is just getting started. I am an addict w/CP (back injury) - & yesterday I was informed that another surgery for another skin cancer will be required. Oh well, - I've worked & played in the Calif. sun for 52 years w/out using a sunblock, so STUPID! (healthy tan?) -this cancer is VERY treatable! In my case, - light hair & blue eyes SHOULD have been a warning! - But no, "not me!" - Yep, me. Just like that warning on my Vicodin script reads, "this medication can be habit-forming" SHOULD have been a warning. As if I really needed THAT one! Alcoholic (9 years w/out a drink) and come on Den! I KNEW w/the 1st pill that it was "booze by mg as opposed to each beer, shot, whatever." -- Hey, -that was then, this is now!
YOU want/need "Taper off Vicodin Tips" - & here's what has been working (for me!) Again, everybody is different & just KNOW that a "taper off Vicodin (TIP)" is simply a tip. However, I researched every "source" I could think of! From the archives of this bd. (very helpful!) - to "way above my head" medical journals & articles w/titles that scared the s... out of me. i.e. "Rapid Tritation,-Seizures & Medication Adjustments." 2 min. of reading something like that typically resulted in a 20mg dose of Vicodin "as needed for fear!" NOTE: If you have ANY medical condition that REQUIRES you to talk with your Dr. before starting a taper off plan - TALK TO YOUR DR.!
If you are anything like me, - you KNOW that you are addicted, abusing, taking way too much for way too long, (doesn't matter how you got here) - you need to make necessary & positive changes! You have been thinking about a taper off plan, or - you have VERY strange "recreational reading" tastes. Good luck, & post ANY/EVERY "tip" you come across. You just might, for lack of a better term "live through" something that will help others.

"These Tips Assume You Want To Taper Off - Yes You Can!
1. "ESTABLISH A "BASE DOSE!" This is actually a bit tough. "For for my pain v. my buzz, & my addiction?" Exactly! Read your RX, (it was for pain, remember!) Determine how much "opiate" ABOVE that amount is being used to catch a buzz, & ward off withdrawals. (There IS a dose lower than what you're taking that WILL address pain, and keep WD's at a very comfortable distance) No really, - there is! Do NOT argue with yourself! You just need to remember you're trying to reduce, and get a taper "plan" going. The lack of a "high" was expected, because you are an addict & you KNEW this was coming, correct? As soon as you KNOW/BELIEVE what your base dose is, - immediately begin taking your doses at EXACT times/amounts. Ex. - 1 -10mg pill @ 6:00am - 1 @ 11:00am - 1 @ 4:00pm - 1/2 pill @ bedtime. Just get back to reg. intervals & amounts - & IF your pain is in check, and WD symptoms are not "unbearable" COME ON! This is YOUR "base dose!" Any WD symptoms at this point are nothing like a CT, so just hang here for 7-10 days! This "base dose boot camp" - has already instilled you w/self confidence, & allowed your body to start tapering off! Like it or not, you are ready to move! NEXT!
2. "FIND A "MONITOR" - yep, if you can't trust yourself, (I couldn't) Ask any
person you trust, maybe someone you've met at NA AA - a person who "loves you/hates you enough" lol! to dispense your pills to you every 2/3 days. Yes, it DOES seem juvenile, however that same juvenile, addict thinking lead you to believe that you were "in control!" from day 1! Further, if you are "just joyriding, not addicted" & you CAN sit there with 120 - 10mg Vicodin's & honestly state (without laughing) that "from this moment on, today & forever, I will only take that amount of Vicodin I need for pain" - I'm wondering "what brought you to a thread titled "Taper Off Vicodin?" Yes indeed, we are ALL so different! NEXT!

3. - W/without a MONITOR, - "HANG TOUGH AT YOUR "BASE DOSE" for 7-10 days. The desire to take an extra pill will be there, but you are on a well thought out, structured plan to get healthy & this goal will slowly start to give you strength. During my "10 day hold period" I walked - (3-4 miles) every morning, & that "time alone" (no phones, pager, office, & sorry son, I'll call you back o.k.?) I used this time to feel my back, my anxiety, my NEED to make this taper plan work! The walking was a part of a physical therapy plan that I'd given up on. It became my meditation/contemplation period. The addict me slowly remembered the surfing me, the j.c. baseball player, 5 handicap golfer, the very competitive, & much happier man I was before those pills became SO important! I made a decision to let my "monitor" know that.. NEXT!
4. "My base dose is 65mg per day & I have done enough research to know, I can handle a "1ST DOSE REDUCTION" to 45mg per day, at exact intervals & times for 5 days. I've allowed myself an option to hold at this/any lowered dose for 1-2 days if required." NOTE: "% reduction amounts" are a sticky area. So true, "there is no prize for getting there sooner" yet, many of us are so far "out there" - we've reached that point where a steep FIRST drop just "might" be feasible. My body only responded to x amount of Vicodin for pain relief, (the rest was pure buzz-chasing) & the extra amount needed to ward off sudden severe WD symptoms was quite low. This is MY exp. & you may wish to begin "lower & slower." 1 way to plan reductions is ("the lower your dose gets, more time @ that dose & smaller amounts per each subsequent reduction will be required.) Ex. After a 10 day hold @ 65mg (my base dose) I KNEW I could cut to 45mg per day. That was me! After 5 days, I dropped to 35mg for 5 days. These 2 reductions went relatively smootly. When I reduced to 25mg per day, - hmmm - this is where I felt increased back pain, I became grumpy, minor stomach upset, insomnia hit for the 1st time. The "mini WD's!" I was SO sure everything would just keep working & now I was mad! "Too much, too soon, a waste of time?" I was at day 4 of this reduction when I remembered I had an "option to hold" for a few days before I reduced again! An option!! Benadryl worked on the insomnia, -I got 6 hours sleep that night, thanks for THAT tip Philster! Immodium Advanced worked on the gut, - & I had another 3 full days to cont. to adjust! I used every day & as my dose gets lower, I intend to cut lower, "hang longer" - & I simply will not go BACK UP! That, makes sense! Currently at 15mg per day & I just might exercise "extended options to hold" before another cut is even considered, let alone made! I am here, clear-headed, pain assisted by walks, WD's assisted by OTC remedies & ACTUALLY "not too tough!" Hey, my CT wd's were nasty! This ongoing "doable" series of adjustments to my taper plan provides something I NEVER found when I tried to CT. Patience & faith! "This too shall pass!" As for "on down the road?" My focus is tapering off. I'm "here" now & I firmly believe that this moment requires my full attention. It is as always, "1 day at a time." I hope someboby can add advice, take advice - 1 Last "tip!" Once your taper off plan has started- it makes (NO SENSE!) to read up on rehab, CT, subutex, etc. in terms of any other specific methodology, or, those very different ways of working towards your goal! Read every POSITIVE word, anywhere you can find it, but keep your focus as narrow as possible! Man, "don't you have enough on your plate?"
Best wishes, Den

NEW THREAD POSTED! New address! "Taper Off Pain Medication 101" Tips & Questions! All replies needed! Den

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