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Oxycontin is BAD
Jan 18, 2005
I am in my very early 20's, attend college and I start tomorrow. I also have a little problem, I would like to recieve some helpful advice (I just signed up, cause you guys all seem GREAT! and comfort one another) I also wanna give some those who have never taken Oxycontin... but I do have questions of my own as well. If you've NEVER taken this drug, DONT get started on it. It IS a fact that it is as addicting as heroin! I'm not your mother and father and some of you will take my post many different ways, if you ARE going to try this... Dont make the same mistake I have and 1000's of others also have, DONT do it more then 2 days in a row. Meaning: If you do it today, Tuesday.. do it ONCE the whole day, not 2-3 different times.. and Weds, also ONCE..then take 2-3-4-5 days off... and again. Stay away from taking it more then 2 days in a row. IF you take this about 1-2 times a day, I dont care the dosage, and 4-5 or a week... You are addicted and now your body DOES need it to go through every day life. Its stressful, and no matter how much stress you're dealing with, this is only going to make it worst and a much harder and painful recovery.

I started by seeing people do this drug, crushing it up or chewing it, over two years ago. I told myself, I'd never ever take this thing...look at the pain they're going through. You dont actually know, until you are in the same position yourself. I've seen about a dozen high school friends sign themselves into a rehab/detoxification--meaning??? What exactly goes on in there? etc. I've seen a couple of movies, but I never asked them like that... Has anyone been there? By the way, I was crushing them and snorting them...

I guess I was having a few problems at school, broke up with my ex-of over 2 1/2 years...which was a very close relationship. We're friends now, over a year or so later. I delt with being depressed and all that, never really went to see anyone since I have been out of high school. I dont want to ruin myself or my future, or hurt my family more then I already have! I've done many things, sold weed for a couple of years--weed isnt bad as it seems, but now, I would def. have to say that it IS infact a drug that has a possibility to get you started on other drugs. I've never done cocaine, heroin or anything of that nature... Only smoked weed and painkillers--then 2-3 months ago, came Oxycontin. I sold it, tried it, slowly was taking 40mg, then 80mg through out the day. I woke up with runny nose and other symptoms--which is the WORST pain, I have EVER in my life or dreams, though of experiencing.

On Thursday, I told my mother--which is/was and always will be, completely supportive of me and understanding. She doesnt understand the Why's? But she listens and gives good advice. I spoke to our family doctor and got prescribed to 14 Vicodin 7.5mg pills. Friday, Sat, Sun and went back to him with 1 left on Monday. I didnt abuse/overuse, just took as needed. I am serious about quitting and never going back to this life...I have too much going on and too much to lose, if it ISNT already TOO LATE!?

On Monday, he gave me 30 more Vicodins (the last script, then he gave me a # and address about 30 minutes away for detoxification) Also, right before I spoke to my mother and doctor, I was taking myself off the Oxy's. I got only 20mg Oxy's and was taking 1/2 of that...which is only 10mg, I was proud of myself, but that wasnt enough... I had to get OFF completely! Now I havent taken Oxy in 3 days, but I also don't follow the script--which is 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM (for Vicodin) It is too much pain still..and doesnt do anything because of the dosage of Oxy I was taking for not long, but a steady enough period of time. I take 2 Vicodin (7.5mg) in the morning and 2 at night, to sleep. I am aware that I've hurt myself, mother, sister and a few friends (the real ones, not the ones who continue to use Oxy and "wanna give it up" but dont take the action I do, or others do.)

I have to make these Vicodins last over 10 days and gradually come off of them. I've read in this forum that many of you have VICODIN problems, was this wrong of my Dr. to prescribe to me?? I dont understand. Ive taken them before, but never have gotten addicted to them or Percocet. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night to go to sleep, or else there is no way I can close my eyes for more then 15 minutes. I have to get off of them, after 10 days I'm suppost to be taking 1 every 24 hours! I hope this all works. The power of Oxy is wow... 40mg=8 percocets and 80mg=16 percocets and so on.

For those who are reading and are saying "Hey, Oxy is just another painkiller that doctors prescribe everyday..I wanna try it!" It's not, it ruins your life as it had started to do to mine. I want to accomplish things in life, not be stuck laying in bed, with withdrawl pains. I dont think anyone knows what they're getting themselfs into when they "experiment" with different drugs/dosages. At a point I was like, "I wanna stop, but nah..not right now, I will eventually." Theres nothing, nothing, better then trying to recover ASAP--You might not get it on the first try, second try, third try, you have to eventually be STRONGER then the drug--take some type of action--and in conclusion, recover. Everything is easier said then done, but somethings we have to do. We are not all movie stars, who can walk around being on drugs their whole entire life. We have more normal lives, and families, and not the same spending budget, in most cases... A lot of them also quit (Jack Ozbourne)

I've really opened up over the internet on this post, but I'm looking to ALL of you for support, and help... I want to join and help out all that I can. I have a lot of knowlege in different areas--I'd be willing to have conversation or anything. School is starting and it's going to be really hard for me to focus. I ********** my last semester up because of the Oxy's, now I dont wanna **** this one up because of my withdrawl symptoms and not being able to work in the direction I've always planned. I am a soon to be teacher, I want to take drug courses and help people in the future as well. Seeing things happen and going through them yourself is two different views and I believe now, that there isnt anything better...then helping someone else recover!

Hope I didnt leave anything out, and I hope I get responses (even though my post is long...haha) I'm not a reader myself, but when it comes to serious things like these, theres no other way to listen to someone elses problem over the internet, than to read it. Thanks for reading my problem...

Peace and be safe,


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