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Re: Big Ups!
Jan 19, 2005
[QUOTE=Gangstar]thanks also to Goddessgirl! your info really gives me a push. sure, id love to know about suboxone. would i have to go through a detox to recieve it? the Vicodin has to slowly reduce, or i'm reading that i would be getting addicted to it.Peace[/QUOTE]

Hiya Gangstar! Great to see you making new friends, here. I started Subutex, (much the same as Suboxone), last month. Amazing drug. Unlike Methadone, it can be privately prescribed. Your dr. will advise you to start it after approx 15-18 hrs past your last opiate. I took my last oxy at 9PM and my first Sub at 12 noon, the following day. (My w/d symptoms were just about getting uncomfortable.) Within 20 minutes of the Sub, I felt totally "normal" (no discomfort and a sense of well-being). Your doctor/addictionologist will get you on a schedule and most of us work steadily downward until we can get off safely and without bad withdrawals. Each of us is individual. Some of us need to stay on longer than others. W/D should not be "horrible." Slow and steady is the way to go. You win no prizes for stopping faster than someone else. :D

My first week, I had no physical cravings, but I did miss my "buddies"...those little yellow Oxys. I went into 'mourning"....grieving the old euphoria. That went away within 2 weeks....replaced by the amazement that I was no longer even thinking about pills first thing in the morning. I was just enjoying simple stuff like I used to. Walking around NYC....bopping around with my dawgs...accepting invites from friends. Sub gives you that gift of time to 'remember the old you.' And once you get a flashback, you feel more determined than ever to stay on track.

You can do a web search on Suboxone and learn more about this relatively new drug. For me, it's been a miracle. I feel like I'm getting myself back perspective, my priorities, my passions. Keep reading these boards so you can pick up on all the great info passed around here! (And share your passion for music with'll find LOTSA creative people, here. Like GoddessGirl...our resident r&r star!)

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