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I agree...great idea for a post.
I used to post about a year ago. Then I relapsed and didn't post, but did a lot of lurking.
I am 26, born and raised in Northern VA/DC area. I've been living in San Diego for the past 3 years. I was sober when I got here (had a great couple month hiking adventure when relocating those 3 years ago) but made a big mistake upon arrival....attaching to the first man who showed interest. He ended up being a cheater, and not to blame him, but it fueled me into another depression. Which lead to using pain pills, which lead to drinking again, together those two which I had never been into 'together' before. It was prescribed to me for a back injury I endured while working at a residential care facility (an angry foster care teenager threw a basketball at my head, causing broken discs, etc.) and I soon learned the happy warm feeling that they provided. I struggled with quitting for a year, broke up with the ******* boyfriend, and finally went to rehab for the pills and alcohol. Rehab was a great experience, sure wish I would've stuck with it and not relapsed. But I am drinking again and using pain pills, although not nearly as much as I did before rehab last year. Not that that excludes anything, I just can admit I am not healed and am struggling, but have tried.
The main thing that bothers me the most on this website (I'm not sure why I feel the need to post this?) on these boards is when someone makes a plea for help, and then makes a point of telling everyone that they are not a typical junkie and are an exception to the addictive personality stereotype, are well educated, etc. I hope everyone using these boards understands that there are many of us who are well educated, raised in a good home, etc, and that all addicts do not come from broken homes with addict parents. Addiction breaks every stereotype, whether it be age, race, sex, educational level, etc. There is no typical addict. This is one thing I learned the most in rehab. I posted this on a different thread, but I'll say it again...the people in rehab didn't believe that I was actually suffering because to them I looked 'normal.' people abusing pills can hide it so well!!! if someone ever comes to you to talk about their problem, and you think they look 'normal,' please don't discount them because they look normal. I am so f-ed up, have addiction problems and eating disorders, and because my family thinks I look skinny and healthy, that there is no real problem to worry about. so nobody has ever been concerned. Not that I blame them or expect them to fix my problems, but i wonder how things might have been different if i couldn't hide it so well.
anyhow, this is much longer than i intended. this is a great idea for a post. some of us don't take the time to go back and research everyone's history, so something like this helps. not that we don't care to go back and research history, but, well, you know.

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