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Hi Tiff I am glad you posted.

I too just stopped taking norco six days ago. Not quite as much as you but it doesn't matter. If you are taking that many pills for pain and its not working then you need to speak to a doctor about alternate methods for pain relief. Many people find non-narcotic pain relievers/anti inflammitories such as ibuproferen or naproxyn to actually relieve their chronic pain more then the hydro/tylenol compound once they break the chains of opiate addiction.

If you stay on this path you will just do more and more and you will be in for a tougher time getting off. I would recommend tapering down a bit then chosing a day to go cold turkey. If you just stopped now I figure you'd be in for a few days of severe discomfort but it wouldn't be life threatening or anything. Taper down to a dose that staves off the withdrawal symptoms. How about taking 4 tomorrow instead of 5? I bet you wouldn't even notice the difference. Take your time, but do it. Keep tapering. You probably won't feel too much discomfort if any until you are down to a few a day if you reduce slow and steady. Then chose a day and say sayanarrah to the norcos. You have to bite the bullet. It's worked for me so far with very little discomfort and lots of satisfaction! Also I recommend Narcotics Anonymous. Go to a meeting because once you do get off the pills the real challenge begins. Staying off.

Of course the best way to go is with professional help. Find an addiction specialist, just pick up the phone and make some calls. Perhaps you can find a doctor who would help you minimize withdrawal symptoms with certain medications for a short period of time. You'd be amazed at what doors will open if you are truly willing.

NA has taught me that when you surrender to your addiction and stop running and hiding and fighting it that's when the chains can be broken and doors open. That's only the first step.

Keep us posted on your journey. There are some really great people here that can offer more or better advice than me. I can only express what has worked for me so far and am happy to do so.


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