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Hi Kimbee-
i would give you the sites ive been visiting-but i think its a no-no here..don't wanna get banned..but ill just say this..there is info out there..
What i meant by turning on you-you know-when you first take opiates and all is well w/ the world-but then your tolerance goes up-you stop getting high-the effects weaken-something like really basing this on other peoples experience-although im feeling a 'change"-
when i was in a detox-in 1999-i was given "bupe"-for w/d-i had never heard of it before-and i was told that you could detox w/ bupe a few times but then it would not stave off w/d if i kept using it-(for detox)..if i was to relapse-and kept coming would not work as well.
My husband is still on 2 mgs-but is going down to one mg in feb.He also skips days-here/there..but says-he gets kinda he'll do a 'skip day"-on the weekend when he can hang prepare to go down to 1 mg..
I think it gets tougher around 1 mg-im finding the switch to 2 not too bad-my energy level-is ok..but not as good as 4mgs..
I felt great at 6 mgs/4mgs/3 mgs..
Im sure once i adjust to the 2mgs-in a week ill be fine.
I know its not gonna be easy-but i got to at least try..i need to move forward in this recovery plan-but im not gonna rush-ill be patient and stick at the low doses for 6 months if i have to-
6 months ago-i was ready to stay on it i don't know-
Who knows-i could try going off-and be totally illing..if so-ill go to detox-
I believe there was a woman here who did rapid detox for suboxone..(i might be wrong)..carol..and came off-that way.
If im wrong-sorry..i believe it was sub-than she went back on hydro-to get off..they said switching to hydro would make it easier.Wouldn't rapid detox be for full agonist opiate addiction?
I would definitely file a report on the care you recieved..alot of times the hospital will call or send a letter for survey purposes.Its not right getting hassled that way..
It is hard being an addict-aside from the stigma/our own worlds have been turned upside down/
My sister is now trying to kick pain pills-and shes gone thru most of her savings-she was addicted to heroin for 5 years too.She got clean in NA-for 4 years-and relapsed.Shes always dopesick-i feel bad shes going thru this again-and its weird-she doesn't take more than 4-5 a day..but shes been doing them again for the last couple years on/off.
She worked very hard in the program-i guess she got a lil lazy w/ the meetings-she has severe arthritis-and started taking pills to ease her pain.
Opiate addiction is a w/o balls its a drag)..
I got a great therapist-and i feel like this person has been very inspiring to me..very female-empowering..and i get stronger w/ her help.She is a gift!
I believe we are all VERY strong women here-to deal w/ addiction issues-yet we are still focused on our families-love and care for our kids/home/jobs..while dealing w/ addiction/depression-etc.I have alot of hope for all of us..
I hope you'll pop in-when time allows-i know your busy-but im sooo happy to check in w/ you..
Take care Kimbee-im around when ever you need me..
much love-

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