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Hi glad to hear you are doing so well on the suboxone. I, too, feel pretty good, lots of energy, not really sick at all. Before, if I would go a day w/o my pills, I would be worthless. I started out liking pain pills several years ago, and was introduced to oxycotin and the like in 2000. I only did them sporadically, and after my baby was born, I was up to 200mg to 300mg oxycodone a day, and somdays I would use a duragelisic patch. I started taking them because of pain issues after my c-section, but ended up loving the way they made me feel, like supermom, ya know

I know exactly what you mean by seeing other people at the grocery store and wondered how they could just "live" without a pill. To this day, I envy many strangers, see them working at the store, or something, and think to myself, "God, I would love to be able to work without taking a pill." They also began to consume my everythought, and I even planned my vacation around if I would have pills. I hope to never go back to that.

I did really good yesterday. I took 8mg in the morning, and around 6:00 I was feeling not right, and took 2mg. I have taken 8 mg so far today, and am going to try and just leave it at that.

I've printed a list of doctors in my area who can prescribe suboxone, but some of them only give it for detox. I'm gonna go to my insurance web site and see if any of them take my insurance, and go from there. The $$ will definitely become an issue in the few months. I'm still going to check into those doctors that even don't take my insurance, because I would love to find a doctor as caring and concerned as you have.

I met a fellow recovering addict on another board yesterday, that lives close to me. She has been clean 25 days, and been going to meetings, and I am going to meet her Wed and go to my first meeting. It feels good to be doing something more to fight this.

BTW, I also smoke, and for the last few days, I really haven't wanted to smoke as much, although I stil do, out of habit. I wonder if that's a side effect from the suboxone?

Nice chatting with you, and hope you keep in touch. I am so proud of you and the steps you are taking to your recovery.


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