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Hello To All!
Vicodin addict here (from 70mg per day -- now @ 15mg per day) & heading towards my goal of 0 per day, - "when that can be done, w/pain in the equation." The notion "THIS is the way, we ALL believe, a taper is TOO tough, you have to SURRENDER, whatever! -- 1. It's not true. 2. It's STILL not true. -- A (method specific term) can/should be used in relation to that method only! Your recovery "plan" may necessitate the use of a word or phrase that IS a component of YOUR plan & micro-explanations re: individual recovery plans do bring related verbiage to a post. The goal is RECOVERY & any/every method of getting well is "the" method.

Many very concerned people visit this Bd. looking for encouragement, "have you been here before, & what would YOU do?" - Hey, -- that person has a commonly shared addiction/abuse issue, but he/she is ALWAYS an individual 1st! Always!! "Tips, a post on the back, a few you CAN do it's - THAT is huge & in my view, ALL that should be proffered absent "specific" info. re: pain, pattern of abuse, etc.

It is your recovery, - call it whatever you wish -- However, in response to "a cry for help" - why imply, infer, or even vaguely "suggest" you KNOW this person's pain issues, history of addiction/abuse etc., or worse, - you "KNOW a way to go!" Initial responses (sometimes) include a bit of editorial comment & why? A simple "welcome & how can we help?" beats the s.... out of "I say, throw them away, get real, - whatever. If you are lost in posting glittering generalities that may/may not help an "INDIVIDUAL" you probably have NO program of your own.

"Den, a taper plan NEVER works!" --- B.S.!! My taper plan is "working" for me and a taper plan has helped MANY others! A caring, POSITIVE first response to any post CAN help! The last thing any person needs upon reaching this Bd. is "that won't work!!" A 1st post (cry for help) is often a gut-wrenching moment in an individual's life and your response CAN help. IT ALL "WORKS" AND TO AN EXTENT, WE ARE ALL LIVING PROOF!

Best wishes to ALL!

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