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Re: First post
Feb 3, 2005
Mike said -
"Personally I didn't need it but again IMO I'm not too crazy about going on one drug to another. I wanted to get clean. "

I think we have to be careful with how we use the word "clean." I have been on methadone for the past four years and I consider myself to be "clean." I think too many people get wrapped up in this idea of trading one drug for another, when really the issue is about being able to live a fulfilling and productive life. We all get clean in different ways and sometimes what works for one person may not be the best thing for another. I think it is a wonderful thing if someone is able to get off opiates without the use of methadone or suboxone. I am not a big fan of AA or NA for my own personal reasons, but that is not to say that there aren't a lot of people who get a lot from those meetings and they have helped a lot of people. In fact, it has been shown that methadone is one of the most successful treatments for opiate of the reason's being is that the recidivism for opiate use is very high...most addicts will tell you that cravings and staying off of opiates is far worse than any of the horrible withdrawal symptoms that they go through. One thing that doctors and neuro-scientists have found is that it actually takes the brain a good five years to heal from the affects of opiate abuse. Opiate abuse damages certain receptors in our brains - thus making it hard for our brains to produce endorphins, or natural opiates. I think one benefit of methadone and suboxone is that they give the body time to heal, while we work on ourselves and getting our lives back together...which usually includes counseling. One thing that I have heard about suboxone is that it is easier to get off of than the meth.

I battled with opiate abuse for over six years and I couldn't quit...and when I did manage to quit for a week, or a month or even a few months at a time I always ended up back to them again somehow. I couldn't do it anymore - to myself, to my kids, to my family. I truly do not believe I was going to quit any other way. But that's me.

You are the only one who can decide which way is best for you. As someone else said, we all get clean in different ways. It doesn't matter how you get there...just that you get there.

Good Luck.

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