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Well a long story, but I don't mind telling it. I am orginally from New York, and I myself went down the wrong road of addiction, and I got myself clean and have been clean for 6 years, during that time, I was trying to maintain a apartment, and still pay my bills, but with a $40 dollar a day habit which doesn't sound like much, but is huge when you have school bills, and children, and rent, and cars, and blah blah blah. Well I came down to SC to visit some friends, after I became clean, and I never left. It isn't that I like it here, I like the weather, and don't miss the snow. And as you know people, places, and things. So I never went back. Well, back during my addiction I had a roomate that kicked me in my back, because at the time I was clean, and he was an alcoholic, and abusive, and pissed off that I won't drive nearly 200 miles round trip to lockport, and get him his pills, in a blizzard no less. and ruptured 6 of my discs L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, S1. So I had been on Percocet's for 3 years with no problems (addiction), and waiting for medicaid to kick in, and that took 3 years, as they had to make sure I wasn't a jumper, well then medicaid goes through and because I made so much money in NY they only gave it to me for a few months, so I had to schedule surgery real fast. Well I had my own doctor's in NY, and wanted them to do it, but it just wasn't going to happen that quick as there schedules could not accomadate me. So I was stuck down here. Well surgery got scheduled for January 26th last year, and I started just crying all day long about 6 weeks out. Well the day of surgery comes and I am just losing it, I just had a real bad feeling about it, and I have had 6 major surgeries in my day, so it wasn't fear of going under the knife. Well to make a long short a little shorter, after coming out of the or, they put rods, screws, and plates in my back, they dropped me, they picked me back up, and plopped me back on the bed, and hooked me up to the PCA, well they started with the standard 5mg bolus, they just forgot to take the bolus off, and so every time I press my happy button I was getting that wonderful 5mg bolus. Well needless to say at 1 am I was overdosed, and out came the narcan, and the O2, well after I came out of that nightmare, 2 days later I was home, and of course heavily medicated. For 3 years they had me on Percocet 10/650 6 x'daily, but no addiction problem there at all, I didn't want them. Then after surgery they put me on Roxicodene, and MS Cotin, and Valium, still no addiction. I was blessed there. Well after 3 months the pain was still horrible. I thinking no wonder, as Percocet being an oxicodene, and the stuff they gave me after surgery was the same only higher doses. So they sent me to a Pain Clinic. he put me on Methadone 10mg 5 x daily. Well I ended up unresponsive in the hospital from that high of a dose, so that was it, I stopped taking that stuff, and I just take aleve, or advil. I just wanted to close that part of my book. So yes, I have been clean for 6 years, but I did take narcotics that where prescribed during that time, but I never had a problem as far a abuse with any of them, so I consider myself blessed. It is now a year later, and we are in the process of moving into a new home, and I have a bank account, and credit cards, and all that stuff I lost during my laspe of reasoning. So that is my story, and I am doing very well, and I check this board for my back, and every now and again I try to give hope to those that are walking in my shoes from the past. How about you? You said you had a baby that is handicapped? You do realized that god thought you were special enough to give you such a blessing a not only a child, but a special needs child. That truly is a blessing, how is he/she doing, what do you struggle with everyday? My hat does go off to you as you had to walk away from such a stressful position, and your still in the field just in a different way. Talk to you soon. and God Bless you and hold those babies close, as you are all they have, but don't forget to take care of yourself either. I am here if you ever need anything, a shoulder to cry one, or a pat on the back, I am home all day as I am still recovering from my last surgery. Take Care and talk to you soon. :wave:

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