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I've been a long time reader of this board, its a great help. Last week I finally went to a sub dr who prescribed me the 10 day detox program. I was taking 10-15 norcos per day for at least a year, and was completely at the end of being able to deal with the constant pill popping. Since you have to go clean for 24 hrs before the move from any opiate to suboxone, the dr dosed me with halcion and valium, and when I woke up, I took the sub. In cae anyone is wondering the drug is incredible, the next day was the biggest relief of my life. I was clear, felt great, and was off the hydro. Well, yesterday, day 9 of the sub I went to the dr and thought I was NOT ready to go off altogether because I was only down to 6mg - with only a few doses left. He basically said it was my fault and I didn't do the math right and said I was going to have to deal with dropping from 6mg to 0 in one day. SO the question is has anyone else had experience with sub to know what I am in for? As I write this, I can feel with w/d coming on. I really don't want to go back to the hydro but I was thinking I could restart that in low dose and taper from there.
Wrote a text message to Nabumed, but havent checked back yet. I agree, I need to be careful with the valium thing too. Feeling real tired today, but hanging in there. Wondering if I should try to taper up on hydro until I get ahold of a dr that know what the f he is doing. I really was doing great on the sub.
Thanks for the help!
I did check with the State of Michigan and this Dr is on probation. For what, I don't know but he has a black mark on his record already. He does have nurses doing these detoxes. I swear I was sitting in his offie and she comes in with a wad of hundreds and starts dulling them out to him and keep some for her and then there was some jibberish about her needing a cut on some other person who was coming in. It is the wierdest medical office I have been to in my life. I was going to take my friend there just so someone could witness how insane this place is. I don't want to reveal the name because I think this sub dr community is quite small.
I guess I'm makin it right now. I have taken 1 norco each over the past 2 days. It does nothing for me accept get rid of the aches. I'm hoping that one of these days I can get thru the day without the aches and be done with it. Method 2 this doctor uses, which involves no suboxone, is to mix valium with halcion over a 4 day period in such large doses that you have to have someone with you 24 hours a day to monitor and make sure you don't lose respiration. Supposably after the 4 days of sleeping you wake up detoxed. It actually sounded dangerous to me. I have to find some way to turn him in, you are right. I will get him- but I can't take on another project at the time being. I am Pres. of 2 companies that have over 40 employees and I have to be at work every damn day managing them. I am calling another sub dr in my area tomorrow to see if I can get an appt. PS Sorry for draggin on about this problem but thank you very much for the help. Where is the sub support board?

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