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were both good-take the 1 mgs..and take the smallest amount she can take to hold off w/d-very slow the suggested way to come off the sub-skipping days-taking crumbs-will stave off the w/ds until she gets more time-between w/d and then stop.
I agree w/ your plan-of not switching to methadone-its not nessecery esp. where she did not use large amounts of opiates-ultimately she will have to stop and feel some w/d symptoms but mostly it will be a little fluish-sweats..low key stuff-but there will be the emotional rollercoaster.
Thats great that you have your lives set up to have this child-thats pretty much what i was wondering-and where there was a possibility that she might not be able to have a baby-this must be very exciting for the both of you.
So-i think if you keep goin down-and get off before the end of the first trimester-everything should be fine..I believe thats the basic info-
I would check out some outpatient services for therapy-to keep the emotional side in check..and of course-eat healthy-get the proper sleep-and focus in on those good feelings-Congradulations..
Iwish you both the best..
GoddessBless you all-
ggrl :angel:

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