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Nicole was diagnosted with Endometriosis when she was younger so her chances of having a child at all were less than normal. We are very excited to have a baby, we are completly set up for it, we have a big house and financialy stable. Nicole was never the problem with the drugs, I had the big problem and unfortunately Nicole started taking pills because I always had them. She is fine never taking a pill again in her life. She is so against it and once she makes it through these tough times she will never look back. She never once had to go out and find these drugs (vicodin, and towards the end some methodone). She was using opiates for approx 1.5 years at always a low level. Our problem now is there is no getting out of this mess without making a huge decision that may be the wrong one. She tried to go cold turkey because going on Methadone which was recommended by our doctor was out of the questions for us. Because her opiate addiction was so low we thought the withdrawals would not be so severe, well we were wrong. Yesterday was her day 2 clean and she had a real tough time, I was forced to give her approx 1mg of suboxone to calm her nerves down. We are real nervous to taper off as well as cold turkey, but at this point we will probably try to taper her down slowly rather than quit cold turkey. She was in bad shape last night.

She has only been taking suboxone for approx 3 months and its weird some days she doesn't even take it, she only takes it if she feels the withdrawals coming on. We wish we had more advice on what to do, our doctor told us straight out he can't treat her anymore and he doesn't know enough about the drug to help us make a decision. I called 50 different hotlines with still no educated responses. We are so fustrated with the idea that making the wrong decision could affect the rest of our lives as well as endangering our new baby. I appreciate all the responses because you can imagine how difficult it will be if somehow we have a misscarriage and we will know for the rest of our lives that it was because of our drug addiction. It is really hard to grasp. Hope to hear from you soon.


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