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Hi Liltulip,

First off let me say CONGRATS on your upcoming gift from God!! You will be fine and so will your little baby. I admire you for having the strength to admit your addiction. Thats not an easy task by any means. You are definetely on the right track, and maybe thats the reason why this pregnancy happened now. I believe everything happens for a reason, sometimes we understand and sometimes it takes a while to figure out and sometimes we never know. It is obvious that you want whats best for your baby therefore you have my upmost respect. There are so many moms out there that are so far gone they just don't give a ****. I have so much to say to you that I may not get in all in this post before I have to go but your post really hits heart with me.

I am the mother of 7mos (as of 2/23) old precious, adorable, beautiful, etc, twin boys- Zachary Allyn (Zach) & Andrew Dylan (Drew). I have also been addicted to hydrocodone for the most part of the past five years. At my worst points I was taking about 150mg+ per day. This includes Dec.28, '03 when I took that HPT that showed 2 pink lines. I panicked the same way you are. My fiance was not supportive, he did not understand why it was not as easy a lying them down as he thought it should be, he made me feel like ****. I did taper down and weaned myself off of them. But I had a difficult pregnancy which is common with multiples fetus'. I was honest up front with my ObGyn about my addiction with the support of my mother with me at the visit. He was very understanding and supportive. Beginning in my 2nd trimester, I started having awful UTI's that were extremely painful and they would usually put me in preterm labor. Under the supervision of my mom, he prescribed hydros for me and this went on throughout my preg. When it was not UTI's, it was severe bronchitis, and the coughing was so bad it threatened the baby, and only Notus or Histex would control the cough. So you might say that I took some form of hydro throughout my preg. though I did not abuse the dosage. The urge was there because I felt so bad during the preg. but my mom had control of the bottle and she lives right next door to me so she would bring over my dose when it was time. Even taking them the way they were prescribed, I did feel like **** when I did not have them, but no horrible wd's. My babies were born unaddicted and very healthy even though they came at 36 wks. Most multiple preg are delivered early and 36 wks is considered good for twins. So, if you do need to continue to take it while you are pregnant, I strongly recommend handing them over to someone else for distribution. My doctor assured me that hydro was safe during pregancy if used correctly.

Quitting CT is not a good idea, you are right, this could promote a miscarriage, and I am sure you dr will confirm this to your husband at your appointment. My fiance wound up leaving me during my pregnancy because he did not believe the dr. Also because he shared this info with his medalling family and they thought they were smarter than the dr and told him the dr was full of ****. Fortunantly, we did finally work things out about a month before the babies were born, and we are getting married next month. For the record, I have not forgiven the members of his family that encouraged his leaving me and thought they knew more than the doctor. But thats a whole other post.

I began taking Subutex on January 17, '05 and it has been wonderful for me. The receptionist who works at the dr office where I go took Subutex while she was pregnant to detox. This worked good for her. She only took it for a few months and had been drug free for a couple mos before her very healthy full term baby was born. There is not alot of studies done on this drug in pregnancies, for understandable reasonings. Subutex is considered a Class C which means if the risk to the fetus of the mother not having the drug is greater than the risk of taking the drug, it is prescribed. This same issue was raised on this board a couple weeks ago with a lady who found out she was pregnant while taking Suboxone and her dr suggested switching to Subutex. Look back on those posts and you can probably gather some useful info.

Well, as I expected the babies are ready for some food, so as the bottles heat, I just want you to know that we are here for you and your husband if he would like to visit also. Support is soooo important. You are doing the right thing- keep cutting back as you can tolerate it, and being honest with your dr. You do have options, so educate yourself before you appt so you can ask questions. Some dr's may not be familiar with dealing with addiction, so if you feel the least bit uncomfortable with him/her, do not hesitate to find another one. A good doctor/patient relationship is important under any circumstance. Good luck and hang in there. Please stick around, not only to get support for yourself but you may help someone else in a similar situation. I look forward to talking with you more.

(Don't have time to proof this, so please forgive any mistakes :D )


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