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liltulip, You are definately on the right track, telling your OB is definately thee most important thing you can do for you and the baby right now. I am a medical professional and worked at a Trauma Center in the Labor & Delivery, Neonatal ICU, NB Nursery and Obstetrics units. All the high risk pregnancies and preterm newborns as well as full term newborns who were compromised in some way were all transferred to our facility from all the surrounding areas. I have seen many babies born addicted to many different types of drugs. Most common was Cocaine and Heroin. Many of these babies were sufferring and in full blown withdrawal because the mothers would never tell that they were on drugs during their pregnancies. Once you've seen one baby in wd you can pretty much tell with all the other babies and know that once they are showing the symptoms to get a tox screen ordered to figure out what they are withdrawing from so they can be treated immediately.
IMO the best things you can do : 1. When you go to your OB appointment tell the dr. about your pill use. 2. try and wean down on your pills, WITHOUT going through withdrawal. You had mentioned your concern about going CT off the pills and losing your baby. Yes it can happen. But not from NOT having the pills in your system, but the effect it has on your body, WD's is very hard on the body and that is what can cause a spontaneous abortion. So as long as you can slowly cut back your dose and keep at a comfortable level where your body doesnt feel bad then you should be ok.
I really see no reason at all why you cant have a wonderful healthy baby. There are MANY woman who suffer severe chronic pain and narcotic pain meds are a must for them to have a decent quality of life and they do indeed go on to have healthy babies as well while being able to stay on their meds. So i am sure that you and your little one will be fine. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!


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