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Hey liltulip,
I don't want to say "DONT FREAK OUT", but when you are pregnant and adicted (plus adding a little bit of hormones into the mess), you will freak out. You are on alot of Norco, but the Doctors will know how to handle everything. I passes 21 kidney stones and had two surgeries during pregnancy. I practically lived on Morphine and Dilaudid pain pumps for 7 months. Then at home, I took oral pain meds. Of course, it is not the "ideal" enviornment for a baby to grow in, but they ARE tougher than you think. You will probably have to cut down majorly on the Norco use, but Cold turkey is probably not the answer. More than likely, you will have to use pain meds all through your pregancy. My advice to you is "BE PREPARED DURING LABOR" because the epidural probably will not work due to your pain med tolerance. Also, make a promise to yourself and your baby that you will get MEDICAl treatment for addiction after the baby is born. I struggled for months thinking I could do it on my own. I am now 21 days clean (with the help of an addictionologist and out patient rehab). At one time, I thought I just COULD NOT bring myself to seek medical help, BUT YOU HAVE TO. I was a nurse (before becoming a stay at home mom) and thought I knew how to deal with addiction and the whole tapering down stuff. I WAS WRONG. I have a very soft spot in my heart for all the pregnant women and mothers who are addicted. I know you can do it. Just PLEASE be honest with your OB/GYN during your pregnancy and they WILL help you, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get help after you deliver. Don't do like me and wait 15 months later. It only gets worse. Good luck to you. And be proud that you were able to come clean in the first place about your problem. (Some people lie about the extent of the problem, I did). You will have lots of help during your pregnancy, and remember "You are no less of a person for being addicted". Do not let anybody make you feel like that. Good luck and lots of love to you.
Angie (New Mommy)

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