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BW, Ellen, et al

What is really scaring me about all I've read on Ultram over the past year is realizing just how many posters on this Board have been prescribed it as a NON-addictive drug. I have some friends here, who no longer post very often, who were prescribed it INSTEAD of opiates. Listening to you, Ellen...and just reinforces how dangerous Ultram actually is.

For me, too, depression has always been a factor in my pill taking....and is, I know, in many, many others.................. I realize how lucky I am that I was never prescribed Utram for my back pain, etc. At least I KNEW the opiate drugs were damaging. But if I had been prescribed a drug I was told was non-addictive...and then discovered that it alleviated my depression...I would have leapt at the chance to take it. And I just know this has now happened to so many others. Why in the world is it taking the PATIENTS to inform their doctors that the drug is addicting...and not vice versa!!

At least with the Subutex I am taking, I have been told in advance by my addictionologist that, although it is allowing my brain to heal from drugs, I will still have to wean off it very slowly to get it off my receptors. But, in this time I am taking brain IS healing from drugs. Unlike Ultram, which appears to have the exact same problems as opiates in the way it sticks to those receptors. (Ellen, you HAD to take something to help you thru your dental please don't be hard on yourself for overstepping the Ultram with that extra amount. You are doing so much to keep your dosage down. And I think you are so strong to be able to do that!)

BW, I will go back and check out your first post, so I can read more about you. But I do want you to know that there are so many posts in the archives here from totally unsuspecting Ultram users, like yourself. (Try the Search feature here. Just type in "Ultram"--the Search button is between New Posts and Quick Links, on the top of this page.) As I mentioned, some of my special friends on the board here, were taking Ultram...thinking they'd "beaten" their drug addiction!!!

Good luck to you and please keep posting. I'll check back. :-) Lynn

PS Ellen--totally off the the subject...what do you think of The Gates? I'm afraid that other than from a lovely, curving, aerial view (which I can get from my office, overlooking the southwest end of Central Park), they seem a bit severe, when walking thru them....and rather make me think of hospital curtain dividers! LOLOL!! On the other hand....the orange (pardon me...I mean the "sapphron"!) looks lovely against a stormy sky. :-)

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