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Upon further investigation (since i obviously haven't slept AGAIN) I think that I'm having "Restless Leg Syndrome". This is absolutely driving me crazy. I can't function on this level of sleep...

Question: How long do you think this is going to last??? I feel like i'm going out of my mind cause my body is soooo tired and yet i can't sleep.

Question: other than the "take a hot shower" suggestion, does anyone have any other supplements or non-Rx solutions??? Good lord i would pay money for help...

As I've read over these message boards, I've heard some true horror stories and I'm grateful that i'm confronting this now before it gets any worse. I just wanted to stress to the people who say "ultram isn't a narcotic", "it's not bad like hydro/oxy", "it's non-opiate so your W/D is in your head": THIS IS REAL. Take it from someone who was suckered into the "non-addictive BS" that the manufacturer stresses, it absolutely is addictive both physchologically AND YES physically. I can't imagine how the hydro/oxy people can live if they're dealing with this stuff on an even more awful level:

-the tingly, achey, dull Restless Leg/Arm/Body stuff
-extreme depression
-bouts of crying for no reason

Thanks again for listening! So here we go on 0 hours of asleep AGAIN...

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