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I know how you feel, I used to be hooked on 15-20 ultram a day even while I was doing other drugs I had to have my Ultram. I think the W/ds from ultram are among the weirdest and the worst. I actually was even still taking ultram when i started my suboxone maintenance a lil over a month ago but found out I didnt need it no more. There has been many times when I was clean for a long period of time and thought I could start taking ultrams again and it got me started back on everything else and worse off then before. Another thing I find odd is when I was strung out on the 15-20 ultram a day, when I ran out and became sick hardly any drug could help besides morphine and methadone. Oxy would help for about 4 hrs than Id be sick again. Even the meth and morphine only helped a lil while. I would have horrible headaches, tremors and all kinds of uncomfort things happen when I W/D from them. I think that has to say something about the drug how it takes heavy narcotics to replace them. Hydrocodone is out of the question for helping withdrawls from ultram, doesnt help hardly any. I think there is a lot that the medical community doesnt know about tramadol but they are starting to find out. Anyway, just sharing my past experience with this drug and how hard of a time I had with it. Good Luck !

Sorry you don't like my suggestion. But when a person says things like:

"I'm so worried at this high does about seizures. I have 3 kids who I drive around all the time to their respective activities..what if I had a seizure while driving? They could get killed! All over the ultram. But yet I keep taking it."

I've simply got to do something about all this...

The first thing that popped into my head was, maybe this person should
seek some medical attention.
Was not trying to be critical, or even rude.
Just a suggestion.
I have had a horrible addiction to Lortabs and I ended up having to
go to a MD to get on methadone.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the BEST.
Hey BW!
It's funny you should be talking about these blasted pills today! My dosage was not 200mg, but 100mg. (2-50's a day). Until recently, I should add. I have recently completed major dental work, and rather than take the narcotics that he prescribed (I did need to a few times during the worst of it), but for the most part just opted to take an extra Ultram here and there, since my doc were always narcotics. Well, the dental work was completed on Thursday and I am finding it so hard to go back to the 2 per day (100mg). My body is screaming for that 3rd one! So today, so far I have taken 2 1/2. Now, I have detoxed from some heavy duty drugs in my time, (including methadone, zanax, opiates) but find there is something about these little "non addicting" pills ~ like they wrap themselves around the opiate and seritonin receptors extra firmly, making it SO uncomfortable even to taper by 1/2 tab! Since learning of it's addictive properties, I have tried a couple of times to take a little less,taper by 1/2 or so and for me it's almost impossible. For me, it's the depression that is the worst. I suffer from clinical life long depression anyway. Fortunately my level of pain is low enough that 100 mg per day does the trick, but there was once a time, when I only took 50mg. So tolerance is at work here.

All I can say to you is to give a small taper a try. Your maintenence dose is higher than mine, so the % of a decrease would be less. Try taking 1/2 tab a day less, till you get to 400mg, and supplement with Advil or tylenol while you do this. See what happens. That's my plan. I'm gonna try to get back to 2, though I know it's not fun. something I learned in rehab, when I went back 10 years ago to give up smoking (yes, smoking) was that to kick an addiction, bottom line is HAVING THE WILLINGNESS TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE. And even for myself getting back to 2, I'll have to have that willingness.

You know, left to my addictive nature, I could easily pop these pills a few times a day. My doctor prescribes more than I take. I definitely would feel an emotional lift (I do, even on 2-3 per day). I think being a long standing member of AA, (16 years clean and sober) is what keeps me honest and reminds me daily what could happen if I opened up the gates of H**l and started popping pills for the sake of an emotional high~even ultram. Scares me so! I think my fear of re-addiction is what keeps me honest and working hard to maintain this low level dose. EVEN though the addict in me will always wants MORE!

Btw, I did speak with an addictionologist once about sub for Ultram w/d, but it just seems like an overkill FOR ME, to trade one addicting drug for another very addicting drug, which will be just as difficult for this addict to get off.

Wishing you the best, and still wishing you would get some outside help. Not many of us can battle this beast alone!
I have had a ***** of a time getting off of these. I was taking up to 30 50mg pills a day! I loved the energy it gave me and I felt on top of the world! I was able to get sooo much done. I am now down to 1 50mg tab a day and starting tomorrow that goes as well. This is the closest I have come in a long long time. I as well have been in WD's from some serious heavy duty opiates and methadone. These are no picnick! I have had real bad WD symptoms! I find them to be much worse than alot of the narcotic pills. It can be done with a taper though. I mean, if I could get from a 30 day a habit down to nothing, You should have no problem. You just have to stick to it no matter what!!! good luck!
It is very very hard to do, but can be done. I have been playing with these for years! Had a few different doctors and never worried about the doctor shopping thing because it is not a scheduled drug, so I figured if I do get caught, no big deal, what are they really going to do?? However, It has put a huge huge burden on my marraige, my being a parent, and my health. I have had many many seizures on this and convinced my doctor to put me on valume to over ride the seizures and do more!! I did get euphoria on them and they gave me so much energy I could work, cook, clean, and anything else you want to do. Without them, however, I could do nothing!! So what I thought was just giving me a little "pep" was starting to control me. It got to the point where I could do nothing without them. I am so glad my husband works with mail because i never had the balls to order them through the mail. He knew of my addiction and watched me waist away. I loved that I hardly ever had to eat and was thin. I felt perfect. Little did I know I was hurting myself and everyone around me. That pill became my God and trying to get off of them was hell!! As I said, I have come off of many hard opiates and methadone and this has been a *****!! Now I lost my job because I couldn't function without my pills, I have lived in pj's, I have fatigue so bad, can't hardly function. I am eating everything in site and have gained weight, legs I would like to chop off because they feel like bad toothaches. But when my husband looks at me and says he doesn't care what I look like, doesn't care if I cook or clean (he has done everything) doesn't care if I lay in bed all day long, just wants me to get back to being "ME". He says he didn't marry a pill and that is what I was becomming. I have an oppertunity to get off of this crap because I am home, Even though we don't have very much money at all, he wants me to take as much time as I can to get better and if I were working I would still be taking them. I can't pass up this oppertunity!! Other people see what we can't sometimes. Even though we might think we are so much better on the pills, it's not us. Sometimes it's like were robots, able to function, but no emotion, no passion, just numb. For me it was that way, Do I miss them, hell yah!!! And I am not 1/2 as strong as you think. I am a whimp and have been bitching crying and complaining throughout this whole ordeal. I just don't know if I will ever have another chance to do this. To stay home and make our financial situation suffer and watch him do everything, then turn around and slap him in the face by sitting around taking these pills after he has been so good to me, I just can't face myself if I did that. I don't have a choice. I started out like you. It was no big deal but eventually, even if it's not a reason you see now, it will come. It gets worse. The best thing I would suggest with such a large supply, is taper taper taper, you can go as slow as you want to and at least feel good that you are working toward something positive. I have got off of these before for a few months and remember one day waking up and thinking "WOW" I feel good and don't have to reach for a pill. I'm not there now, I mean today is my first day without any. From 1 to none and yea I feel WD's still and it's hard. Real hard. This is the closest I have come in so long and I refuse to give in after comming this far, even when I feel like I will NEVER feel good again. I am struggling, believe me, I feel like I'm gonna break! I know I can't. I have come so far. I know I will feel better in time, but right now it doesn't seem like it's true. I'm tellin ya, this crap is living hell!! Get off if you can. Even if you don't think there is a reason, just look at what it does, how it takes over your life. You may feel in control, but you will find that it will soon control you!! Just hope I will soon be able to function normal. This is terrible! I need to feel well enough to get dressed and go to a meeting. Right now taking a shower, feels like hail is comming out of it. Sorry to go on and I hope I didn't discourage anyone, I'm just struggling so badly myself and hoping to make a point that this stuff ruins lives!! hope everyone is well (sorry about the venting) thanks, Kim

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