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[B]Good Morning "Un"morphed out. Congratulations! You're doing great and it will keep getting better physically. Have you detoxed before? [/B] [B]You are coming here for support but in doing that you are also helping those of reading your posts that are addicted to painkillers. We know if you can do it, maybe we can do it too.[/B]

I am on 70 grams of percocet a day and my doctor is weaning me off. She mails me a paper prescription weekly on Thursdays. Well thats today and I always think the mailman won't bring it. I cut it so close that I have 10 mg to spare if it doesn't arrive. and then w/d's.

[B]Give yourself a big pat on the back. I am so proud of you!! You're doing great! [/B]

My husband is on day 6 of percocet w/d and besides having difficulty sleeping, he's doing better. He cut from 50 to 30 for a week to 20 for 2 days to 0. I'm proud of him too. Ofcourse, he didn't go through the w/d you are, he felt mostly like he had the flu, be he didn't like it and every time he thought the w/d was over, the symptoms, they would return.

It's so nice to know that we can come here to a safe place for advice and support! I spent a lot of time looking for perc wean schedule on the internet and never could find one. I have fibromyalgia and take the percs for pain relief and to get high. Anyway, I came across this "addictions" on my way down to "fibromyalgia" on the boards
So glad I did.

I feel like I know you in a way. I have only been using the net for a few a weeks so I'm not used to posting. [B]I feel like I am going through this with you in a way. I I I I [/B]
Anyway. [B]Keep up the good work. Try to keep distracted or asleep.
Lisa is trying to help you take care of your eating and drinking, etc. Are you doing that? [/B]
God will remove the cravings after you detox, if you ask. At least he did my alcohol craving. And I couldn't have stopped smoking cigarettes either without prayer.[B] I have to say that because it was NOT on my own strength.[/B] :angel: That was almost 15 years ago or so and except for a 9 month relapse at year 4, I have remained sober. In the beginning, I thought of not drinking was unimaginable. It was everything to me and my life centered around when I was going to get to drink again. And then why I did it. I hated myself. And when I relapsed, the craving returned just like it did the first time. I had to hit bottom and then His grace could move in my life and remove it.

About 6 years ago I started taking xanax and I wish I never had. I take 3.5 mg a day and I am a rather small person. Then about 7 months ago I started percs and loved them from the beginning. Now I am hooked on percs, xanax, tramadol. But I take the last 2 as directed. I didn't know people abused tramadol until I read a thread here, and xanax just puts me to sleep if I take too many. I also was addicted to cocaine when I was drinking. But it was fairly easy to stop compared to drinking and smoking cigs.

I didn't free base like my ex husband. He has been in prison for over 4 years for stealing, robbery, and forging checks, and shoplifting and then trying to return the items for cash to by crack. He will not attend drug rehab while in there. I thank God that He kept me from free-basing because I would be on the streets or dead. As you can see, I have a tendency towards addiction, just substituting one drug for another.

I have chronic pain but will have to learn to live with it best I can. I sure don't like to be uncomfortable. That's apparent.

[B]Please keep posting. I will keep the rest of my posts short for you.[/B] I just so happy for you that I feel all giddy.

[B]I am sending you a hug, close your eyes and feel it. Here it comes. And I sent up another prayer for you. It's going to get better. You are going to fine[/B].

Donna :wave:

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