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Marilyn -

I so often think about you and how uncomplaining you have been--even with all your serious problems, you come onto the board and immediately look for those you can help. Not vice versa. You are SUCH a good person! :angel: If you did not struggle with all your pain issues, I would have no second thoughts about recommending the Subutex I'm taking. But...although Sub has been found to have some benefits for pain--basically the idea is you take them so that the opiates effects are overridden! So-you have to sure to work that chemical aspect out with a pain management doctor. But DO check it out. I am just in awe of how the Subutex has helped me.

What happens if you suddenly are hurt and need painkillers, while you're on Subutex??? My addictionologist explained to me last week that, if, say, I was skiing (my one dangerous passion)--and broke my leg--the protocol would be this: Immediately tell the ER, Dr. etc, that I am on Subutex--and, therefore, opiate painkillers may be overridden by it. Which means I would need higher level opiates to relieve the pain. Then she said I should immediately have the doctor phone her--and she would talk to them and explain the best way for the pain relievers to be most effective. I would NOT have to stay in pain because i had been on Sub!!! In a short time I would regain the benefits of a strong pain pill. And, THEN...when I went off the pain pills and back onto the sub, I would have to let my body be in withdrawal for about 12 hours before I began them again--but I would be right back in the good "non-addict" stage I had been before the accident. But, with your constant pain issues...I just hope that there is a way that the Subutex could be effective.

(Of course, the initial decision to start Sub--means dealing with the mental pain of giving up youre "old pals"--those devil opiates!!! And that was definitely the worst part for me!!I really grieved the loss of those little devils--no matter HOW determined I was to get away from them. But, thank goodness, after a month or so, the Subutex let my natural endorphines peek out and inspect the "real" world. And I felt sooooo much better. But I do know how emotional you can feel about losing those old 'friends'!!) :eek:

Anyway, I do so wish you could find a magic elixir to beat both your addiction and your pain, simultaneously. You deserve only the very best that life can offer! :)

xx Lynn xx :-)

PS (For those who take Suboxone--there is an added ingredient Naltrexone--which may require a different protocol for switching to pain meds. I don't know how that would work. I just know the Subutex.)

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