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Hi Tom, :wave:

How's it going? Like you, I am all for holistic/homeopathic regimens now. But I think, I also agree with some of the people on this board, that if you can't find a holistic/homeopathic rehab soon, it might just be better to get help now.

I am planning to kick medicine altogether. On another post to ValleyGurl, I was saying that I don't want to go to a sleep doctor, he prescribes me medicine, my pyschologist will prescribe me medicine, someone said I might have ADD, what if I took medicine for that too (??), then I already take a crapload of allergy medicine and over the counter medicine for anything that remotely happens to me. Shiit, if I took all the medicine for everything the doctor probably wants to give to me, I'd probably be taking 10 different things daily if I wanted to- uh, no thanks. I see people who have depression or ADD or other body aches always poppin down like 5-10 pills daily. What's up with that? I don't wanna sound harsh or closed minded, sigh.

When I broke my leg, doctor was prescribing me pain killers. I just took nothing, shiit I didn't even do physical therapy (which I should have), but you know what?! My leg is alright. But man I was pretty irritable for months with the pain.

I look hard to find alternative/holistic/homeopathic help for my allergies now. This is a new thing I'm doing now. It's just so much easier in the past, to take allergy medicine, then to put the time in to find alternatives, you know. Not to mention, when you go see a doctor, they are like salespeople in disguise- dispensing medicine like there's no tomarrow. Logically, it's just easier for a doctor to give you medicine then to figure out alternative solutions for you. Not to mention I think Doctors are "in on it," the more they can prescribe to patients.

This prescription medicine business is a multi billion dollar industry. And if you are addicted, do you think they really care?? That's why there's not really an emphasis on trying to break people loose of becoming addicted to prescription medicine. All they do is prescribe you different medicine and then you become addicted to something else! Like musical chairs!- you just keep going round and round! I go to my allergy doctors who prescibes me several medication to take daily, and I've been taking allergy medicine for 20 years, and I'm all, "Doctor, is this actually good for me, to be taking several medications like this on a daily basis? (because I'm gonna have allergies for the rest of my life, so I'd have to do this for the next 30-60 years??) (and other doctors wanted to give me shots too) My doctor said, "It's fine." I DON'T BUY IT. My body doesn't react to medicine like how it used to, and my allergies have gotten worse, so I have little faith in medicine, and starting up on other medicine.

Why do you think your doctors are always giving you samples?- so they can get you addicted on other shiit. Because doctors and pharmaceutical companies are like partners in crime. They go hand in hand, like bank robbers and the drivers of get away cars- without one, the other one would not function efficiently, they all need money. Why do you think a good portion of the the board members on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has professional relationships with pharmaceutical companies, and don't want to take certain addictive medicine off the shelves? People, if money is the driving force, often times, no one gives a shiit about anything else, including your health.

This other orthodontist I had whose a money mongrel, wanted to do two different types of surgeries on my face (he wanted to refer me to his surgeon friend to do it), like he wanted to cut my face and my jawbones, and move my chin and jawbones around, and put a fake chin implant on me and some shiit like that, because I had a bad bite, and then he wanted to do gum surgery on my teeth. Jesus christ. I'm glad I have a paranoid asss mom who wouldn't let me go through surgery and wouldn't let me get allergy shots. So I went to another dentist, an EXTREMELY GOOD dental school, and they all told me these surgeries were unnecessary. I was glad. People- if you had doctors like mine, your doctors may be selling you lemons!

I used to faint from getting hives (not a lot though), and I went to the doctor, he practically prescribed me a medicine case. The pharmacist looked at the prescription the doctor wrote for me and went to him, and said, "you sure you wanna be prescribing all this to her"?

But I believe sometimes if you look hard enough for alternative solutions, you'll find it. So now I'm on a holistic/homepathic crusade for my allergies and all my other problems in life. I'm looking into some controversial regimens too that seems to cure allergies as well as sleep disorders, joint pain, fatigue, you name it. It seemed to help a handful of people on this board. It's about taking care of your "candida," a yeast that grows in your body, thus, onsetting a host of other problems, but the "candida" is said to be the "mother problem" of it all. But I also join "Alternative Medicine" topic on this board, as well as another board, and I've found some alternative solutions for my allergies.

Here's some link and book reccomendations for all of you people:

- "Undoing Depression What Therapy Doesn't Teach You and Medication Can't Give You" by Richard O' Connor, Phd

-You mentioned Tom, you wanted to get into spirituality stuff: here's a book:
"Wherever You Go, There You Are" by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Another good place to start is by contacting holistic/homepathic professionals, and asking for references.

I read this book on clutter clearing - Her name is Karen Kingston; she's all for holistic stuff, she talks about getting rid of all the pollutants in your body, and she saids one way in doing this is cleaning out your colon. There's a certain way to do it where she describes in her book, "Clearing out your clutter with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston. I think I wanna get rid of all the pollutants in my body, and I wanna stop putting junk and crap in there like all this junk food I used to eat, and all the medicine I take. It's hard to do this overnight, but in time I think it can happen, it's just so much easier to pop down a pill eh?

But imagine, they got pills for everything you can possibly fathom out there: dieting, sleeping, cold, pain, fatigue, depression, add, addiction recovery, the list is truly endless.

But I noticed with myself, any medicine I take for a long time, starts wearing off, and isn't effective on me anymore. Then doctor just wants to prescribe me different medicine that works- it's the "musical chair syndrome" I was describing above. When I first do the medicine, sure it's great and works wonders.

But it seems like if people got one problem, they usually got a bunch of problems. Really, do you really wanna be taking medicine for everything that comes your way? I'm a chicken when it comes to side effects and addiction. If I can see myself not getting addicted and being able to take medicine TEMPORARILY, I'd give it a shot, but that probably isn't likely to happen.

So, anyhow, sorry, that is my long asss rant how I don't like medicine and the pharmaceutical companies, and putting shiit and junk in your body. I am just very lucky I've never been addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, or hardcore drugs, so I have never walked in you guys' shoes before, and I can only fathom how difficult it is to kick addiction. It's probably a good thing I got bad allergies, and am allergic to everything on this planet, so I would probably die if I did drugs. If not for my allergies, I could see myself being a smoker, at the least, but even that shiit sends me into an allergy attack for several days..

Good Luck,

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