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While I have to agree with you Jon that Methadone may not be the best option for a codeine addiction I totally disagree when you say that methadone is best short term. As a matter of fact, in studies that have been done on methadone, doctors have actually found that people do better the longer they remain in treatment and methadone is not impossible to get off of if done right - at a very slow taper. I know people who have tapered off of methadone and the only way to do it is slow - but done slowly it can be virtually pain free. Methadone is one of the best treatments for heroin/opiate addiction and like any other medication it is not without some side effects. Suboxone is relatively new and it is working quite well for a lot of people from what i understand, however, for some people suboxone may not be strong enough depending on what kind of opiates they were doing and how much they were doing. If the sub doesn't work than methadone is always an option as it is stronger.


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