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[QUOTE=electricguy]my new doc said I need to start up the suboxone again at 2mg - 2x per day and taper over 2-3 months.
Does this sound correct? Of course I filled the script, and took 2mg and I feel awesome, but I am wondering if I should just burn thru another 2 weeks with nothing since I was definitely improving each day. I just don't want to get into a position where I have to go thru w/d again (from sub). Essentially this is a sub taper question again. From very low dose to 0. Comments anyone?[/QUOTE]

From what I have been reading and I am doing tons of reading on sub and coming off of it...supposedly the BEST thing is going on as LOW a dose as possible over a 14 (FOURTEEN) day taper. You WERE doing it right, from all I have a Dr.s daughter and vry into medicine. Stay 4 mgs max and get off quick. That's what I read and if I ever needed to detox of my chronic pain meds that is my game plan.
Remember...once you are off the sub you are no longer a cash cow for a sub Dr. Think about it...........

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