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I have tried zoloft, prozac, and paxil. They all made me worse, like a zombie with angry bursts??!?!?!?!
That is when they added xanax to the cocktail. It just makes me sleep. I usually only take it at night. Occasionally i will take a 1/4 when i feel overly-anxious.
No anti-depress. for me. I couldn't take my insurance company constantly changing what they would cover and what they wouldn't. I had aweful w/d from paxil and zoloft. Weird drugs. They scare me.
Well opiates used to work for me for depression, then that all changed drastically!!!
Lots of people in NA say to give it time, and your brain and body will return to a some-what normal state. A year is what they tell me. Sounds long to me, but VERY worth it! feeling normal. i don't even think i know what that feels like anymore. I am going to wait it out....i remember when i quit drinking and coke, it took awhile for me and my boyfriend at the time, to get back into the swing of life. We ended up developing new hobbies and attended meeting to make some new sober friends. So i know for a fact, time is what we need. Although some just can't get motivated and get into a real unhealthy depression....then i think anti-dreprss. may work. I don't know, i wonder if opiates ruin our brains chemistry forever??????? And i wonder what percent of ex-junkies that are sober and have sobriety time are on anti-drepress??? AA is a little more accepting of taking "pills", at least some of the groups i ran across. NA---they believe in letting the body heal with time and support. That is why i attend more NA meetings. I was running across way too many people that claimed they were "sober" and had years in, but where on oxycontin for pain?????? That is just my luck, though :rolleyes: LOL

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