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Shouldnt have no more than mild discomfort if you do like you say. I think its unavoidable that you will feel a lil under the weather after you go off completely. Good Luck, I think anyone who can taper has good self control and a strong willpower. I never was able to do it always usually ate up my 7-day taper supplly in a day or 2. lol. So how was your experience doing a short term detox with the meth? Do you think you will stay clean? I dont trust myself plus I have chronic pain so I went on suboxone maint., it seems to be working ok for now but I hear a lot the longer you take it the crappier you feel. I would like better to beon a good dose of methadone-just dont have no clinics here. Anyway, Best of Luck to ya and you shouldnt have any more than minimum withdrawls. I went through 3 meth programs so that is something Ive had experience coming off of.

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