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Hey ya'll!

I had a spare minute (which are few and far between) and wanted to check in with ya'll! As I scan down the threads I hardly recognize ANYONE! :eek: To all the "newcomers-" you have found a wonderful refuge with this forum and the people here. I cannot count the times I was "picked up off the floor," encouraged, motivated, etc. from so many posters here- what a wonderful place to seek comfort and help! Good luck to each of you seeking sobriety!

To "my gang" (and you know who you are :) )- I hope each of you are doing well. If I had the time I would scan through all your recent posts and catch up but I just do not. So feel free to give me an update if you reply! I think of you often- I know I rarely post but it does not mean I do not think about you. Sobriety just time so much "work" and time and I rarely am able to sit down at the computer for any amount of uninterrupted time (ya know- I am no longer "supermom" on my 25 give or take a few Lortab a day- LOL)!

Things are good here! Still "plugging along" and FINALLY feeling a bit like my old self. I have not shared this with ya'll but after roughly six or seven months clean I binged for about a week (around Christmas). I guess it was the "stress" of the holidays?? Or maybe that I tried to quit my anti-depressant?? I don't know- but we got things "in check" real quick and I did not suffer hardly any physical withdrawals afterwards (maybe some sweating and occasional crying). I did get back on my anti-depressant and things seem to get better for me. Just thought I needed to be honest with ya'll~

I have had a "kick to the gut" recently. A friend from church (who also lives in my neighborhood) died of a cocaine overdose about two weeks ago. I was shocked! I would have never guessed! He was an attorney with a successful business, wife and two daughers (four and one), and very active in our church. Just goes to show you that this disease does not show favorites. Apparently his problem began in college but he had supposedly quit. I know his wife is aching and more than likely does not understand. I would love to go to her and "shed some light" on addiction but am not sure if I am ready to take on that "role." Ya know? Any advice? Such a sad, sad situation! It does reiterate the fact that if you continue to use you will end up in an institution or in jail or dead!

I turned 32 this week- :eek: ! I was feeling sorry for myself but got an ego boost when a younger guy (college aged maybe) hit on me at the totesum (southern slang for convenient store)! So- I decided I could manage being 32 after all. LOL!

Okay guys- I have missed talking with you and just wanted to let you know all is well with me and would love to hear from any of you. You are all so special to me!

Take care and as always God bless!

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