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Hi all, I am wondering if I am a good canidate for this medication. I have chronic back pain, both lumbar and neck/ cervial I have had surgeries, so I take percocet, and vicadin. I take way more than I should and I am always chasing them down and dr shopping,, and skeeming how I will get my next script... I am sick of it and have cold turkeyed it several times but the back pain haunts me every time. I have chronic pain and I am also a pill popper. I would like to get off these pills but I can't do it... I even take the pills when I don't have back pain so I no I am not using them for pain all the time.....

my habbit is around 6-10 pills a day for the past 4 years....

here are my questions, how much does it cost to see a Sub Dr for the first time. I have heard people say it can cost thousands of dollars, is this true?

are these normal Dr's or un ethical Dr's who practice illegally.

are most of the Dr's legitmate M.D.'S or are they addictionaolgist. ( what is an addictionolgogist by the way)

how much is the medication what do you pay for a bottle of them? would you want to put it through your insurance or is it better to pay cash for it.

where do you get the medicaton? does your sub Dr give it to you or does it come from a pharmacy.

how often do you need to go to the sub Dr? would one need to check in all the time?

do some people get turned down for it? how come?

thanks for answering my questions, I am seriously thinking about getting on this medication. I am tired of chasing pills, and each time I quit I end up back on them for " pain". but remember I don't have pain all the time, but I have it often enough that I need to be on some sort of pain medication, but I can't be trusted with a normal bottle of pills I take more than I should and I have no control over them......

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