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[QUOTE=MomOf4VA]I told him that I was taking to much. He refused to "up" me even tho I had been on the same level of oxy for a year. I started with 40 mgs of meth a day. I only lowered it BY THE WEEK. In other words, I took 40 for a week. Then I went down to 30 for 2 weeks, then I went down to 20 for 2 weeks, then 10 for 2 weeks then down to 5 for a week then I was off. YES, it TOTALLY helped. I had no wd's AT ALL. The new PMD that I saw today, he put me back on the effin hydro's..up to 8 a day, plus cymbalta, ambien and nortriptylene. I HATE these vicoden's. They suck and they don't work. I need to be on an LA med, IMHO. He will Rx a longer acting med if needed, in 3-4 months. I wish you luck! I am here if you have any more questions. I am also on the Fibromyalgia and Pain Management Boards!


Hi Kim, I am glad that all went well at the docs today other than the fact he gave you the vics that you dont like. What strength of vics did he put you on? I know that the 5/500 dont do squat for me. So if you dont mind me asking, what is the source of your pain? I know where you are coming from, i suffer with chronic pain everyday.

I had 2 herniated discs in my neck and after putting it off for a couple of years i opted for surgery. I had an ACDF with titanium cages and bone matrix on April 5th of last year. BIG MISTAKE. The pain is worse now than ever before. I kept telling the neurosurgeon about the pain but he kept telling me how he has a 100% success rate and cant understand where the pain is coming from not to mention he went as far as to say that i have "issues". So anyway he finally did more testing and found out that in the area where i had the surgery i now have arthritis, 2 bone spurs and possibly a pinched nerve. He wont operate again and told me to just do pain management.

So needless to say i have been on and off pain meds for the last 3 1/2 years at least. My body has not only become dependant on these meds but i have become addicted as well. I way over medicate and run out of my meds way tooooo early. I am so tired of this whole game. I really need to find the strength to medicate as directed. Easier said than done. Right now my general practitioner has me on Percocet 5mgs 2 pills 3 times a day, it doesnt cut it. I suffer with pain still. I have an appointment with a pain management doctor next tuesday. I sure hope he doesnt want to give me any of those injections or a tens unit (whatever that is) or any of that fancy stuff because i just am not up for that. If i could find a good medication that would work for now that is the route i would like to go.

I have to do something. I have resorted to buying medicine off the streets for lots of $'s, that is if i can get my hands on it. I live in a very rural community and most of the time it is hard to come by. Then of course if i cant find anything i am sick and going through the wd's. The only thing good i have found about getting different meds off the street is i have got the opportunity to try different things, so now i know what will work for my pain and what dont. I dont know if i was supposed to talk about his on here but i really needed to come clean to somebody. Nobody knows what i have been doing.

So anyways keep me updated. ValleyGurl

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