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Doing it this time.
Mar 20, 2005
hey people i have a real issue and i swear its killing me inside. i have been hooked on percacits for well over a year, im only 22 and i hate my self. heres my problem i get off the percs deal with it for a day or two then dont want to deal with feeling shitting anymore so i try to get them.
funny thing is if u were to add up the days i delt with the withdrawls it would have been over a month and i would be fine. i think the worst is the fact i can fix my problem if i just take some of these pills..dont know how to explain it really. anyway im on day 3 and all through the nights i swet like a pig! i have to change my pillow and clothing its that bad, and all through the days my arm pits sweat REALLY BAD makeing me feel dirty all day, oh and from time to time i just heat up and swet all over for no aparent reasion (i find i cant deal with another persons body heat, like if my girl lays next to me) it heats me up so bad and even if the room is freezing im hot and cold at the same time. i put on a sweater then take it off, is this normal, why is my body doing this, can someone explain this to me???? another bad thing is my girlfriend is getting sick of this, im always going through withdrawls except for those couple of days i have them and im the mose cheerfull luveing person in the world. then when i do have them i say i am going to taper and i end up doing 30 witch was suppost to last me over a week in a day. then there is the sence of being empty inside, is there anything i can take of do to help me though this?? what should i do?? please help me. thanks

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