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My sister is a few years younger than me, she is 29 and has a child. She has seen all that has happened to me because of drug use. Jail, loss of kids, withdrawel, being in such bondage of drugs, ect. I knew drugs were bad getting into them, but didn't know how bad. I had no-one to watch and learn from, no one to teach me. I learned the hard way on my own. My sister has a perfect example firsthand of what drugs do to you! She watched me go down, now at age 29 after seeing my years of struggle, it is very frustrating to see her start now. I knew she was taking percs here and there, but she went to a doctor for back pain (she has none) and made herself cry, went as far as to take a friggin ambulance to the hospital to convince them. I saw her yesturday and she had been up all night with her boyfriend and another couple doing an 8ball of coke, drinking, she has got the doctor to write her for 180 percs a month, she has vikes, klonipin, and some other pills! She is just starting this now and is in the happy phase of finding a doctor to give her all these scripts! I know she has to learn on her own but it is so frustrating to see this when she knows firsthand! She has a child! There is nothing I can do. just wait and hope and pray. It takes a long time to get your life back to some degree after serious drug use. I started at 21 she is just starting now. I am about a month off the ultram, last drug of choice, but percs led me to sniffing heroin and then to methadone, homeless, jail, should be dead. It's been 7 years since I had a drink or street drugs, the ultram I was told was safe for addicts and thank god I never got to picking up anything else. Sorry, just had to vent. It's breaking my heart! Kim

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