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I have a problem, and need help.
I have been smoking pot since I was 13. At first it was only once in awhile, gradually becoming weekly, daily. Now, after almost 11 years of smoking weed, I am smoking on average 2 ounces a month.
I have changed drastically since I first started smoking, obviously with age, as well as my mentally & emotionally.
In the beginning, weed was a friend. I felt good when I got high... Now, getting high brings paranoia, anxiety, and stress from the amount of money I spend a month.
I have been on anti-depressants about as long as I have smoked weed, and see a psyciatrist. I have tried so many different ways to quit pot, it is unbelievable. I have been successful at quitting LSD, MDMA, & Coke. I did quit cigarrettes (but started up again.)
If I can quit coke, after doing it every day for 6 months straight, then why can't I just quit pot?
I get so irritable, emotional, and upset when I don't smoke. And when I do smoke, I get paranoid and confused?
How can I just keep myself inline, and not smoke? I quit about 2 weeks ago, for 5 days. Then a friend came over and smoked a joint and I have not been able to stop again.
Those 5 days I felt free. I felt so much better. It was getting through the initial first 3 days that were the hardest...
I no I could make the choice to just stop. But why is it so hard to? How can I stop the terrible feelings I have when I do not smoke?
I know that marijuana inhances your sight, smell, taste, etc. It is hard to get used to seeing things in a sober life when I have been stoned for so long.
I know weed isn't physically addictive... but it is very habit forming... any advice to stop smoking this ****?[/QUOTE]

Hope you read this even if you don't answer back..

Ok, obviously this drug history of yours is very bad. It is quite an accomplishment I have to say to have been able to quit all those very addictive drugs! Congratulations for doing that :bouncing:

Now, why the pot is so hard to kick is a good question. I don't know if this is it or not, but the antidepressant could be a key. Antidepressants are meant to "stimulate" the nervous system. Pot is more of a laid back drug, it relaxes alot of people, even helps them sleep, calms them except in paradoxial reactions which I think seem to occur after some long term use usually.

I've read alot of personal stories of people on Paxil or Prozac, etc. that seemed to start up pot smoking or drinking even if they didn't do this before...the pot or alcohol settled some of their anxiety, which they didn't know was either caused or aggravated by the antidepressant over-stimulating their systems!

Metabolism of antidepressants plus other factors like culmative effect, dosage increases, liver changes, etc. can change the way antidepressants are metabolized and as a result a person perhaps has too much in their system. Anxiety and panic attacks can result. Pot or alcohol could counteract that, simular to a traquilizer; but drugs don't always stay consistant in their actions because of dependancy, tolerance and metabolism as I've heard many stories of pot smokers, out of the blue after years of smoking, suddenly having panic attacks and such when smoking.

So, I don't know why you were put on the antidepressant originally but maybe if you could see an addiciton's specialist they might lend some insight as to the pot/antidepressant relationship. Maybe it's time to wean off your AD? It's a thought only, but if you decide to do it keep in mind it should be a very long process, no quick tapers and should be supervised by a doctor in case you have severe withdrawals.

Long tapering, like only 10% cuts of dosage every 2 weeks or so can sometimes avoid severe withdrawals but always be medically supervised to be safe.

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