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[QUOTE=Kathygerald]I am new to the board. My husband and I both take pain medicine, and we would like to know how well the suboxene works for withdrawal.[/QUOTE]

Hi there,
I know gazillions of people either looking at Sub to use or already using it. Well, not gazillions but bunches. Anyhoo...this is my take only. Sub is an opiate. It is better used is very small doses 4-6 mgs A DAY for 2 weeks or less. You asked about withdrawing not opiate maintenence. That is why I answer the way I do. I speak with lots of people who have tried w/d on Sub many many ways and it seems as if to get off other opiates, the best way seems to be to use as little as necessary to ward off w/d symptoms and then taper off the sub asap. Now that does not mean you are home free. It is recommended you go to meetings and realize you may still have some bad days but from what I hear, nothing compared to c/t. I am in no way criticizing
anyone using this drug for longer periods; but if I ever need to get off my pain meds that is the way I will attempt to use Suboxone/Subutex.

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