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Hey will be fine..I work for a corp that if found out that
I' m addicted to drugs..I would be fired. I went to a local doctor that i foung on that site and it cost me 150 for the firts visit and 75 for each addiditonal visit. I was taking 4 80's a day..chewing and snorting. The "BEST ADVICE" THAT I CAN GIVE YOU IS TO BE HONEST WITH THE DOC...
He started me out on subutex... that has no blocker in it and in case you have any OC's in your system this is what you should start with. I signed a confidentaility (sp?) form..the doc cannot let my info out to NOONE!..
I started by taking one 8mg subutex every 8 hrs for 2 weeks and then 3/4 of one every 8 hrs for 1 week, then 1/2 one evry 8 hrs for 2 i;m done to 1/4 every 12 hrs or even longer between doses. it took about 2 weeks after stopping taking OC's to get my energy back and the haze out of my mind.
Thank God for Subutex!!! it saved my life!!! You cannot get high on subutex. you cannot drink alcohol or take and opiates or codeine..If you have aheadach...subutex is a pain killer so you should not need anything for pain.
I have tried methadone and other substances to quit this and subutex is the ANSWER!!!
Good Luck and GOd Bless!! If you need someone to talk to you can PM me or email me.

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