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[QUOTE=InRecovery04]Well, I'm back. Out of detox...but not feeling right still. I know it takes time, but DAMN....when am I going to feel better? I was in for 3 days and doing so well, they let me come home yesterday. While in, I was given librium, clonidine, and something else for anxiety but I forgot what it was called. But, once the last of those drugs wore off, I had the creepy crawlies in my legs last night and couldn't sleep. I feel jittery today and wish I had some valium to help calm down. :eek: I learned a lot while in but I'm so scared I'm going to try and get more pills. So far so good, hubby keeps me in check. :)

I feel lost without my pills. Vicodin was my friend. I would appreciate someone who wants to talk about this or give advice on how to cope. I'm going to an NA meeting tonight.


Hi There, I am here to talk to!!! I am so proud of you for having the courage and will power to go into detox! If and when the overwhelming urge to use hits you, just stay strong and DONT DO IT!!! Just think, if you dont give in and use when the creepy crawly yucky feeling goes away you wont ever have to feel that way again. Is there any way you can call the place where you Detoxed and maybe have them write you a script or call in some of the medicine they had you on while you were there? Just enough to get you through the next couple of days, just until all the withdrawal symptoms are gone?

I know all to well about the great friendship with pills. I wish i didnt!!! It is just one vicious cycle, ya know? Anyway, just hang in there. You really are very lucky to have the understanding and support from your husband, there are just so many out there who dont have anyone and they have to suffer alone without any support.

Hang tough and have a Great Easter!!!!


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