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Re: Update........
Jul 2, 2005
hi wendy, so you got rid of the pain medicines despite the chronic neck pain that the surgery didnt take care of ? i had neck surgery recently and am on the fentanyl 50mcg now with 3 percs a day.

my name is Ed/alexander and in march 2005 i had 4 neck hernias and then surgery at that time. I have been on percocets since november 2004, and lots of other stuff and today i just started with a fentanyl 50mcg patch. about 4 months since neck surgery and im still having pain???, but not as much as before surgery like you said you were. I hope you are doing well. I recently went from 12 percocets a day to cold turkey and that was not easy. Knowing percocets most of my life, I minimized the withdrawal by eating toasted bread and tea, the less you eat in withdrawal stages the less the symptoms are. now from this message board i read that fentanyl withdrawal is very bad??? when it comes to xanax/sleep pills I make sure i only do them every other night, not every night because the withdrawal is the worst(i have seen what my ex-significant other did and went through during her benzo/xanax withdrawal or should I say now insignificant other?...Im kidding). I recently read an article about a football player having to see another surgeon who had an "ultrasound diagnostic device" and that surgeon found that the football player had scar tissue left over from his knee surgery from 8 months before. I can't find a spine doc like that around here. I hope the duragesic 50mcg is not going to be a terribly bad withdrawal. The surgeon who did my neck obviously feels i the operation was 100% successful, he refuses to see me at all. its been 3.5 months since surgery and lucky me didn't have to have a bone pulled out of my hip and used in my neck vertebrae area, but the surgeon says 4 months at the very max and i should be healed, but am I? No, of course not and I have no idea why either :(, the post mri showed none of the 4 neck hernias that were there before too??? I have been all by myself dealing with all this crud. the bad part of my condition is that the pains on my right side of my upper body are pretty much still here and were around for 2months right before the 4 neck hernia's came into being. im just hoping that the right body/arm pains and some neck pains still aren't going to cause another hernia in my neck or anywhere else for that matter. and the fentanyl patch keeps falling off me. never take(non narcotic) nerve pain neurontin pills, the sucked for me and made me sick. currently im taking pamelor another nerve pain non narcotic medicine, with 3 perks a day and now this 50mcg fentanyl patch which i hear is going to be a very bad withdrawal and i still have debilitating symptoms causing me to still be disabled four months after surgery. sheesh.

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