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Hi all. I am new here and with message boards but have been reading them latley searching for answers to Suboxone withdrawal. I was taking 10mg Lortab 25 a day and was killing myself chasing the high. I went on Sub and have been on 6mg for 10 months. I decided to try a 10 day taper and thought I could tough it out for a couple days. Let me tell you, it was hell. I know people respond differently to Sub but I could not take it after 4 days. It was not getting better but worse. I have had short term withdrawals from Hydro and this was as bad if not worse. I went to my Doc and he made take a Sub right away and put me back on 6mg. I am going to stay at that for awhile and try a slow several month taper. I just wanted to share my experience trying a fast taper from Suboxone and I would not recommend that for anyone. Sub is a very weird drug. It saved me from spending thousands of dollars on Hydro and ruining my liver plus all the guilt and shame that goes along with hurting the ones you love. It really does work but I would suggest only being on it for a very short time (couple weeks) and a low dose or else plan on being on it for along time until it is determined the best way to get off it. I don't think alot of people, including Docs here in the USA really know enough about Sub yet. Hope this helps anyone looking for experiences tapering. We all have to be strong.

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