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Slow and Steady...wins the race, well hopefully, anyway. I went from 4mgs yesterday to 2 today, so we will see. I would have liked to have gone to 3mgs, but I really have trouble cutting the tablets (they are 2mgs.) I am going to get a cutter from the drugstore, maybe that will work.

I tried going for four days with nothing (as I stated in an earlier post) but it was horrible. My body felt like it was so tired and heavy that I could barely move. No motivation, anxiety coming in waves over me and so very depressed, even though I am on an antidepressant.

I see that there are a couple others on this board who are just about in the same place, thank you all for being there, lets keep in touch on this withdrawal program. I do feel that the suboxone is a very positive way to quit. It really opens a window to a life that I once had and so desperately want again. I am almost glad that the w/d's from sub. are a bit difficult. If it was too easy I think it might encourage some to relapse knowing that the sub. is there for them, but I am feeling each little twinge and it just solidifies my quest for being "clean and sober".

I must say, until I found these boards I had no idea how many people have gone down this prescription pain pill addiction road. I felt so alone before, I thought I was the only one. Thank you all for being there and sharing all your feelings on these boards.

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