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Thanks pillz for those kind words. It interesting because everytime when I get home for work I just want to lay on the couch and watch tv. Instead I go off to the gym for an hour and when I come back I have so much energy, just like your walk story and the gym.

C/T was best for me because I could never taper. I did try a few times, but my will power is a zero. I suffered and put my body through hell with withdrawing and now that my family knows, it makes it alot easier fighting this addiction. Although now I substitute vicodin for coffee, which I believe is a decent trade-off, dont you think. lol

Also, I can feel the depression slowly going away, but the anxiety is still there. Anyone clean who can tell me that the anxiety will eventually go away, and how long does that take??

Thanks everyone for keeping me clean and off the vicodins for 18 days!

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