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[QUOTE=Pez Dee Spencer]Im gonna do my best not to take any of the pills today because my dad has been taking 6mg of xanax for years and I dont wanna be hooked like that. Its hard though. I woke up today feeling panic already I think its all in my head Ive convinced myself that im going to be a wreck and need a pill to prevent it. Ive had a pill "hangover" for the past 4 days from taking these things and today Im not going to take any and hopfully Ill feel myself again tomorrow.
I told my girlfriend that I should just be a man and "suck it up" which is really what I need to do. I went through alcohol DT's on several occaisions and this is not nearly as bad as that.
The bad part is that with the DT's I KNEW they were going to go away but ive never had withdrawl from weed (if that is indeed what this is) and I dont know how long its gonna take till I feel better.
I guess Im just gonna do my best to tough out today and see what tomorrow is like. I do wish I could quit thinking about my breathing though.......[/QUOTE]
I've had anxiety for 2 years & about 5 months ago started having panic attacks. I used drugs a lot in the past (meth & extacy) & moved away (back in with parents) to get off it about 4 yrs ago.. (i'm 30 now) I was fine except for the normal withdrawl symptoms which sucks... But I think my drug use made me kind of paranoid in general which I never had b4 drugs & later turned into anxeity due to being stressed out or obsessing over something all the time. I just tried to deal with it & take xanax 2.5mg ONLY took xanax when I had an anxiety attack so, over that 2 years I probably took less than 100 xanax pills. Now, panic attacks! they are TERRIBLE. I understand where you're coming from with this & how easy it is to obsess over breathing, heart beat, swallowing & pretty much everything else that comes with panic attacks. I got to where I couldn't leave my house or drive ( i had my 1st panic attack while driving) so, now somehow I relate it to being in my car... Anyway, I feel xanax is not the way to go to get "better" from panic attacks or anxiety. It's a quick and temporary fix for it as far as helping you to relax but nothing more. When the xanax wears off the panic comes and goes till you get another one in you. I decided to go to the doctor (not the ER which i've been to 3 times over this) & tell them how I'm feeling & how it's effecting me & I want to get over it so, I can live my life... The doctor 1st gave me Zoloft 25MG for one week & then 50MG then on... It did VERY good on it. No panic or anxiety at all after my 1st week on it.. 3 weeks later I started talking WAY to fast & was too excited all the time. So, I stopped taking them. Another month went by & the panic came back so, I went to the Dr. again & got on Paxil 20MG 1st week then 40MG there on... Took my 1st paxil & had TERRIBLE side effects so, after 2 days stopped taking it & went to a different doctor who checked me out, talked with me, etc & said that he believes the other doctor put me on too many MG's before with zoloft & paxil due to my body size (5'4 107pounds). Since I did good on zoloft he thought I should try it again but less MG's. I'm now on 12.5mg zoloft & doing good. I had 2 panic attacks in the first week that I was able to make go away which is amazing for me to do! I read on the panic boards here to see how others with it dealt with panic & I tried the breathing techniques. IT HELPED! My panic attack stopped in under 30 or 40 seconds! I'm sure the zoloft has a lot to do with it too as I feel more relaxed but not drugged so to speak. So far zoloft is helping me not to obsess over weird things my body does like with the anxiety I feel like I can't breathe or swallow.. Now when it happens it comes then goes and that's it.. No thinking about it for hours, days, weeksssss...... which is how i used to be. I've only been on it since 5/20/05. For some people it takes 4 to 6 weeks before they feel better with it. Another thing that you need to know is that every person reacts different to every anti depressant (zoloft, paxil, prozac, etc..) so, it's a pain in the butt till you find the one that works for you but WELL WORTH every second of it when you do. Some of the meds cause more anxiety that you have already the first couple of weeks but it goes away after your body adjusts to it. Now, I have a xanax as back up just for the fear of not being able to handle my panic attacks which "in my mind" helps me just having it there. I haven't needed to take one yet since zoloft though..
Don't suffer longer than you have to with panic attacks.. It is a condition & it is treatable. See a doctor about it and in a month or so, you can be feeling better. Panic can come on for any reason.. For you it might be the sudden life change as far as stopping drugs. For me it was stress & obsessing over things in my body & life. Only take xanax when you can't handle the panic attack & try to get on an anti deressant which will help you.
Good luck & take care,

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