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Re: Valleygurl..
Apr 8, 2005
I think that is great news. I suspected that c/t was no way for you to go given all that you have going on in your life - maybe too unrealistic? A taper is a much better approach. Thank goodness you are OK and able now to be getting on with getting off these pills? YOu are feeling good about the whole thing - and your motivation will carry you through. Sending positive vibes your way!
Would you mind me asking?
What are you taking and how is your doc structuring taper? Are you tapering off just one med? Do you take others?
I am asking so that you will post - gives others hope that they too can do this.
Lovely to hear from you, Valley[/QUOTE]

Hi There, I only take one med. Well, i do take Cymbalta which is an SNRI. When i first hurt my neck the dr. put me on an anti-depressant because he said that alot of people who suffer chronic pain sometimes end up very depressed because of it. I had started out on Celexa/Lexapro but in December was switched to the Cymbalta because at the time it had only been on the market like 6 mos. and the studies had found that it not only helped depression but works for pain as well.

The dr. had been prescribing me Percocet so when i went to see him and asked for help i also told him to lower me down to vicodin and taper me off of that. He agreed. So he put me on Vicodin 5/500.

This is the scheduled taper:

2 pills 4 x / day for 7 days
2 pills 3 x / day for 7 days
1 pill 4 x / day for 7 days
1 pill 3 x / day for 7 days
1 pill 2 x / day for 7 days
1 pill at bedtime for 7 days Then Stop

It is a 6 week taper plan, it kinda sounds like a long time but i would much rather work with the doctor and it take longer than be sick, especially when i have so much to do around here! But anyways, that is it. I CANT WAIT TO BE FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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