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I have had depression for over five years. My father has a condition that requires him to take percocet daily for the last fifteen years. During the first year of my depression I took some of his percocet for a sports injury. He didn't know I was taking them and I didn't know the side effects. Long story short I got addicted and after a year or more I finally got off them cold turkey. This last two weeks I went on a cruise with my family and got a real bad sunburn, I went to the doctor and was told I was having an allergic reaction to the sun and that it was a second degree burn on my back, he prescribed some drugs for me but what I didn't know was that they were almost the exact same thing as percocet. So I took them for two weeks and when I ran out of them I found that my depression was ten times worse than usual. I am sure this is withdrawal from the pain meds I took for two weeks, I was just wondering what the most effective way to get through the addiction withdrawal, I really need help because the depression is getting so bad that I resorted to an old habit of cutting myself. This is the worst my depression has been in years and I need to know what to do, should I taper off the drug or go cold turkey, because I was only on them for two weeks I don't know what to expect, like how long the withdrawal symptoms will last, or how serious they will get. Should I talk to a doctor about it or just try to tough it out, any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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