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[QUOTE=1percenter]as this could get really long i will just give the meat of the story,and if more info is needed just ask.
i have been on sub for about 20 months [started at 24mgs a day for a week and then down to 16mgs a day from then on] also about week 3 of my sub therepy i was presribed 6 percs a day on top of the subs.then my sub doc decided that my perc dose needed to be incresed to 12 percs a day on top of 16mgs of sub. things were going surprizingly well untill feb 27 when my sub doc just up an the rest of my docs[several]don't know what to do,so they have decided to cut me off taper ,no change to another drug ,no on april 11 i will be completly out of sub and percs.
so do any of you know how bad this is going to get? "ANY"info will be greatly apprecated.
maybe i can get my vet to just put me to sleep. lol[/QUOTE]

Hi there, You are in a really bad situation here. Can you find another dr who specializes in the sub??? You really need to do your research and look around for another dr who will be willing to take you on as a patient, if you dont and you go c/t it isnt going to be very pleasant. I also cant believe that these dr's are expecting you too anyway!!!!!!! I know that i probably wasnt much help but i am concerned for you. If it were me and worse comes to worse and you run out of meds, i would go to the ER and explain everything to them and seek help that way.

Best of luck to you, Valley

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