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My 23 year old son is 11 weeks clean from a very heavy oxy and heroin addiction. One afternoon when he was deeply in the middle of his addiction and home alone, he destroyed a huge portrait of he and his sister which was hung over the fireplace. He did it by carving out his face. That day he also destroyed his baby book and his prized fishing album, which contained every picture of him with every fish he ever caught. Fishing was his life. He even made a living at it by being a professional fishing guide.

His sister had given me the portrait for christmas when he was 17 and she was 19. It had cost close to $700. I was crushed, less about the portrait and more about - what would make him do that.

He detoxed at home cold turkey. I only hope he stays clean because he is such a different person now. He laughs and smiles now. He still has problems, hopefully he can deal with them without opiates.

All of you people have helped me understand what he is going through and I thank you for that.

Tiff, your post reminds me so much of my son. I hope you can find some kind of support. This addiction is a tough thing to face alone. I may not have a lot of great advice but I know one thing, don't beat yourself up over this. Keep coming here. You'll get a lot of good help from people who have been and are going through what you are going through. Sometimes, just knowing you are not alone can help.

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