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:wave: hello, i was also addicted to oxycontin for awhile. i just wanted to make sure you knew about the oxy's. at the time i was taking them i didn't know anything about pain pills except for how good they made me feel. i was taking 4 80mg oxy's a day & lord knows how many 5mg percs. I didnt know that oxy's are a extended release percocet. me and my friend almost overdosed because we broke a 80 mg oxy in half and each took a half.

(FYI) if you have a 20mg oxy, cut it in half and take both halves it would be like taking four 5mg percs at once. same thing with 40mg oxy, if it is broke and you take all of it, its like taking 8 5mg percs at once. That is why so many people that abuse oxy's are killing themselves.

So if you want to taper the oxy's you could always cut the pill (20mg oxy) into fourths and each fourth is a 5mg percocet. Hope this helps and didn't confuse you or anyone else out there.


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