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Re: Suboxone
Apr 19, 2005
If you look at my prev. posts I go into detail about detox that followed a drawn out taper where I was just a little sick and tired a lot of the time. When I finally QUIT I experienced 5 days + of the normal withdrawal stuff like sweats, body aches, anxiety, feeling depressed, nausous, severe headaches. By the end of the first week I had a headache and body aches. The headache lingered as did some muscle soreness, for a couple of weeks. Still it was not as bad as coming off a high dose of bup or CT. I did not have cravings, I did not feel desperate, just sickly and tired. It was something I could get through with the help of people who love me, these boards and meetings.

The most beneficial thing about the sub is that it stopped the pill roller coaster for me. I was much more 'normal' on the sub than I was on the pills. By the time I quit the sub I was ready to face whatever I needed to to get clean. When I tried to stop the pills (before I chose the sub route) I would go insane. I was always looking for something to take the pain of wd's away. I would look through drawers, empty pill bottles, and hiding spots three times or I would beg my DBF to get me ANY opiate or anything to make the wd's stop- the physical and the mental aspects were so overwhelming. If I had not been so insane I would have CT'd, but the truth was I was just not ready. My DBF found the sub Dr. for me after I tortureed him with my wd's. The sub was kind of like switching trains... getting on a smoother train in order to get to a place where I could jump off. I needed that 'break' before I could jump.

I guess, I am saying what I have said before. There is not 'miracle cure', there is no truly painless detox, but there are different ways to get to the finish line.
Good luck! You will make it one way or another... WE will make it one way or another. I hope I have helped you in some way.

Healing thoughts and prayers,
- :angel: L

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